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MA Woman Who Tossed Out 1MIL Lottery Ticket Gets Her Winnings Thanks to Store Owners


Massachusetts State Lottery

Many have daydreamed of winning the lottery, but what if they unwittingly have a $ 1 million win in their hands and then accidentally throw it away?

That nightmare happened to Lea Rose Fiega from Massachusetts. Fortunately, the friendly owners of the stores where you bought the ticket made you know your mistake.

It was in March that Fiega spent $ 30 on a Diamond Millions scratch-off ticket from Lucky Stop in Southwick.

“I was in a rush, on lunch break, and I scratched it really fast, I looked at it and it didn’t look like a winner, so I gave it to them to throw away,” he said. Associated Press.

For 10 days, the ticket just stayed there behind the counter.

“One night, I was going through the trash tickets and found that she didn’t write down the number,” said Abhi Shah, the son of the shop owners. WWLP-TV. “I scratched the number and there was $ 1 million under the ticket.”

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“We had mixed emotions,” Shah told the Washington Post. “We didn’t sleep for two nights, but I don’t know what happened. My inner soul told me, ‘That’s not right. You know who that person is. You should give them that ticket back. And that’s exactly what I did. “

Fiega works near the convenience store where he got his ticket, so Shah went there. He told her that his mom and dad would like to see her, so he went to the store. When he received the news, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. She cried. And then he hugged the whole family.

For Fiega, who nearly died of COVID-19 in January, winning the lottery has really been the (very rich) icing on the cake of what has been a difficult year.

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The Diamond Millions store will receive $ 10,000 from the Massachusetts State Lottery commission for selling the winning ticket, and Fiega happily gave the family an additional reward. The rest, he says he will save it for his retirement.

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