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Lost in the Forest for 10 Days, This Dog Was Saved By A Drone


Dogs are known to be man’s best friends, but sometimes, a man can also be a dog’s best friend, especially if that man can pilot a drone.

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When a 16-month-old pale-haired golden retriever named Meadow disappeared in a wooded area near his home in upstate New York, experienced hiking guide and drone pilot Brian James came to the rescue.

Meadow’s pet parents Gary and Debbie Morgan put up reward posters detailing the plight of their missing dog. Although he had never met the couple, James felt compelled to assist in the search. He knew that with wintry weather likely to hit at any moment, it would be easier to spot Meadow’s near-white fur before it started to snow.

James set out to search the area where Meadow had been last seen. Sending his drone aloft, he scanned miles and miles of wooded area in search of the lost dog.

The drone camera finally saw her, a small white dot, moving through the trees. Moving closer for a close-up, James knew it was Meadow.

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Confirmed the sighting, James quickly went to the coordinates transmitted by the drone. After a few seconds of hesitation, Meadow ran into her rescuer’s embrace. Although she had been missing for 10 days, Meadow was unharmed and in good spirits.

The Morgans, who said the experience was like losing a child to them, were excited and relieved to be reunited with their beloved pet. Overcome with emotion, the couple fought back tears as they recounted the rescue mission.

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“At the last second, he saw a little white dot on the forest floor …” Gary said in an interview with ABC World News tonight. “[We] We are so thankful to Brian for showing up when she did and being able to rescue her, ”Debbie said.

For Brian James, being in the right place at the right time with the right skill set and the right equipment allowed him to give this story of a lost dog its happy ending. But you don’t need a drone or a hiking expert to save the day. According to the hero of the moment, all it takes is the desire to make a difference.

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James says: “Everyone has the ability to help. You never know what will come of that. “

(CLOCK ABC’s story on this incredible rescue below).

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