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Looking For Uplifting Gifts For Business Clients or Employees? Special Discount on Bulk Orders of ‘Good News’ Books


Do you want to express your appreciation to 50 or more special people?

We’ve slashed the price of our paperbacks for anyone who needs the PERFECT gift for 50 or more people this holiday season.

Taking advantage of our offer, MDA Finance in Pennsylvania he ordered a box of 120 books and sent them to customers who absolutely loved them:

“As financial advisers, we know that our investment clients can get a little nervous during market volatility. Given the havoc that 2020 has caused, we sent each of them a copy of … And now for the good news to remind them that there is good in the world. We got a lot of notes saying ‘Thank you’ and ‘We love it!’ Some said they now read a story every morning to start the day on a positive note. “- Anne H., Director of Operations

Contact Geri at GNN to arrange bulk purchases today.

If you order a full box of 120 books, you will receive a 33% discount for what you pay only $ 10 per book.

Order 50 books and pays $ 11.50 per book. Regardless of the number, we will send them FREE.

Email us at [email protected] or call 703-392-4119 and leave a message, so we can place your order today, and put smiles on the faces of those who deserve them.


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