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Look Out for the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction in This Week’s Night Sky


Many things happen in the sky on February 11. Not only will it be especially dark thanks to the new moon, but on Thursday morning, just before sunrise, look up and you’ll see Venus closing in on Jupiter.

You should be able to see this planetary conjunction with the naked eye, but binoculars or a basic telescope are always helpful when observing celestial events.

How to detect this rare conjunction? According to Farmer’s AlmanacAbout 30 minutes before sunrise, look low on the southeast horizon. At that point, the planets should have been high enough above the horizon to be seen. The sun hasn’t started to light up the sky yet, and you should be able to see Jupiter and Saturn shining very close together, just 0.4 degrees apart.

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If a cloudy Thursday awaits you, try looking at Friday morning; then the planets will also appear very close together.

What if you don’t have a paper sky map or map to find your way around? It is not to worry. You can use a useful app like Star walk 2 to easily find these two gas giants, right where you are.

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