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Left Behind: Surviving Suicide Loss


Left Behind: Surviving Suicide Loss

April 13, 2021– In the spring of 2017, Nandini Murali, a South Indian journalist and writer, returned from an out-of-town assignment to an eerily quiet home. Usually her husband would meet her at the front door, but that morning he had not responded to her phone calls. It was Nandini who discovered her body and faced an unfathomable reality. TR Murali, one of India’s leading urologists and her loving husband of 33 years, had ended her own life. “The space dissolved”, writes Nandini, of that moment. “Time stood still. The axis of my life shook, cracked, and snapped.” On the first anniversary of her husband’s death, Nandini launched SPEAK (Post-Prevention Education Awareness for Suicide Prevention). SPEAK seeks to cultivate awareness rather than stigma and break taboos, shame and secrecy around suicide through public campaigns and awareness. Through SPEAK, Nandini has mobilized social support for prevention, intervention and post-prevention efforts in India and beyond. In the course of these efforts, your personal pain has transformed into deeply activated compassion and powerful clarity of purpose. Read an excerpt from his new book, “Left Behind: Surviving Suicide Loss.” (6 readings)

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To take actionJoin this Saturday’s Awakin Call with Nandini Murali, “Own Our Stories: Break the Silence Around Suicide to Heal Yourself and Society.” More details and RSVP information here. [more]




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