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Learn How a Former Bait Dog Found a Safe, Loving Home


When a couple decided to adopt an ancient bait dog, their lives were forever changed in the best possible way. Bait dogs grow up in a very traumatic and stressful environment and are often seriously injured from dog fighting. However, bait animals do not actually attack; They serve as punching bags for the other dogs to test their fighting skills. Dog fighters use bait animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and even wild animals, although dogs are the most common.

Dog fighters often wrap the snout of bait animals in duct tape so that they cannot defend themselves and may even break their teeth. The dogs are then placed in a well or tied to a tree so that they cannot escape while the game is practicing. Unfortunately, many bait dogs do not survive fierce attacks. Those who do will have physical and emotional scars for life. Most countries have banned dog fighting. But it is still legal in some countries like Japan, Albania, and parts of Russia.

Although the practice is illegal in the US, underground dogfighting is still rampant. Bait dogs that escape often go to shelters, where they finally have the opportunity to be adopted and a normal life.

When Katharine and her partner Cody saw Bubby, they knew they wanted to take him home. They didn’t know what to expect regarding the temperament of the dogs, but they couldn’t let him stay in the shelter. He deserved a safe and loving place to live, and they wanted to give it to him.

Katharine says that when she started looking for a dog, she didn’t really know what she wanted. However, when she saw Bubby and saw his adorable smile, she was immediately drawn to him.

Bubby’s transition from a bait dog to a family dog

“I realized right away that he had this personality even through a photo where I was like ‘I want to know more about this dog,'” he said. “So, I emailed the rescue about him, and within 5 minutes, actually, I got a phone call from the rescue.”

They told him about Bubby’s situation and asked if he could pick him up the next day. He didn’t expect to have a dog so soon, but he knew the former bait dog desperately needed a home. So, he told his partner Cody, and they agreed to go find him.

When they arrived, Katharine saw firsthand the seriousness of Bubby’s situation. He was underweight around 20 pounds and had many bare patches and scars from being a bait dog. Bubby didn’t just have physical injuries and scars; he had also suffered emotional trauma from his previous life. Katharine said that at first he was very closed and mistrustful of them.

“I was a little nervous because you heard that pit bulls are just killers and obviously I didn’t want to get into something dangerous,” she said. “But I couldn’t be happier to have brought this man home. I’ve had many dogs in my life growing up, and this dog is everything I could have wanted in a dog companion. “

Bubby gets excited about his new family.

While Bubby may have been scared and traumatized at first, he quickly became familiar with his new surroundings and his new family. Katharine says that he is very kind, forgiving, and caring.

“It has changed my life for the better. My mental health has improved a lot since I had this dog because it is simply impossible to be in my own head or be upset by my own problems when I look at him, and he is a constant fool. “

Pitbull brothers love their new life together.

Bubby drags his blankets all over the house, smothers them both with kisses or generally makes them laugh. Their lives have improved a lot since they brought Bubby home with them. Plus, Katharine and Cody live and work in national parks across the country as park rangers, so Bubby lives like a king! The couple also adopted another pitbull, Simon, from the same shelter as Bubby came.

They both enjoy the freedom and adventure that the great outdoors offers and have adjusted very well to their new lives. Bubby and Simon get along wonderfully as brothers and really love the company. Sure, they can get into fights sometimes, but most of the time, they are carefree pit bulls. Coming from their life as former bait dogs, they have made a remarkable transition into family life.

Pit bulls, especially those who have been raised in traumatic environments, often get a bad rap. Many people believe that they are aggressive, dangerous, and unsafe for children. However, even if they have grown up in a bad environment, pit bulls can be some of the most affectionate and sweet dogs. It all depends on how their new family raises them and the type of training they give the dogs.

If you decide to adopt pit bulls from this type of background, be sure to do your research. It will take a lot of work and commitment, but you will have a better dog who will absolutely adore you. The satisfaction of knowing that you saved the dog from a terrible past also makes the process worthwhile. However, pit bulls or other powerful breeds aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay too.

Final thoughts: two ancient bait dogs get a second chance at life

Bubby and Simon, two pit bulls raised as bait dogs, now have a wonderful life with their adventurous mom and dad. They can enjoy beautiful scenery and nature in national parks across the country and suffocate with love every day. Raising them is a lot of work, but Katharine and Cody couldn’t imagine life without them now. They have come a long way since they were first adopted because of all the love and support they have received.

We hope that all bait dogs and dogs in abusive situations generally have a chance for a better life. If you know someone who is rescued or adopted a bait dog, we’d love to hear the story in the comments!


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