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Jaw-Dropping Footage of Northern Lights Pulsing Across Entire Canadian Sky–With Southern Lights, Too


This primary care nurse calls herself a “Therapeutic Photographer,” and her “Southern Lights” video could ease anyone’s anxiety.

Captured near his home in Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada, on February 6, the explosion of dancing light was “the BEST I’ve seen yet!” Exclaimed Dre Erwin.

Erwin didn’t need to use the time lapse to capture the entire sky, from north to south, jumping in green magnetic waves.

“These are the moments we all need to focus on: the beauty of life,” Erwin writes online, photos of which can be found at @DreErwinPhotography.

Sit back and listen to the crunch of the snow, and be sure to play past the 1:00 mark, when it really starts to get amazing.

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There’s nothing better than this …

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