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Jaden Smith To Open A Vegan Restaurant Where Homeless People Can Eat For Free


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Paying for it is something that is in Jaden Smith’s genes. As GNN previously reported, to mark his 21st birthday two years ago, the rapper / actor launched the I Love You restaurant, a vegan food truck initiative to combat the food insecurity of the homeless in Los Angeles.

Smith was also instrumental in the JUSTwater campaign, helping to provide clean drinking water to the residents of Flint, Michigan.

“Our mission is to spread love to communities experiencing food or housing insecurity by offering water alongside fresh, high-quality, delicious and sustainable food options.” your food website Explain.

Smith’s vegan meals reached 8,000 of Los Angeles’ Skid Row residents. Over time, I Love You’s efforts expanded to serve at-risk residents in Harley, New York.

“[We were] We cannot take our food truck to Skid Row and physically deliver it to people for obvious reasons, ”he said. COMPLEX. “You’re thinking about everything that happens with COVID-19 and the people who have to stay home and all this. Well, if you’re homeless, you can’t stay home … So we’ve been donating … everything we can … vegan food, masks, clothes, hand sanitizer and all sorts of things. “

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Although normal is still a long way off, Smith is spinning his I Love You concept once again. With plans for a more permanent, non-rolling version of his restaurant on the table, Smith is building on the success of his past efforts for the next phase.

The “pay what you can” philosophy on which the new effort is based takes a page from the venerable feel-good-in-car tradition of paying not just for your own meals, but for those of the occupant of the next car, just Smith is taking wellness one step further.

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While anyone is welcome to participate in the yet-to-be-announced location fee, those who can afford the suggested menu prices will, in effect, subsidize meals for those who cannot.

“It’s for the homeless to get free food,” Smith said. Variety. “But if you’re not a homeless man, not only do you have to pay, you have to pay more than the food is worth to be able to pay for the person behind you.”

It sure sounds like a great way to give ourselves some good karma, but we were wondering … can we have vegan fries with that?

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