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It’s the Year of the Ox – Is 2021 Your Year?


The Lunar New Year is upon us, horoscopes fly through the digital ether like fireworks over Beijing, and this time, according to the Chinese zodiac, it is the year of the Ox.

If he was born in the following years, he is an Ox: 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 and 2021.

Honest and serious, the Ox, or Chou (丑), is the fundamental rock around which a family or a business is built. A rational mind and a strong conviction that everyone must fulfill their responsibilities make it difficult for Oxen to reason at times, but their values ​​always shine through through their actions.

Look for those with horoscopes more compatible with Oxen: rats, roosters and snakes. Pay attention to your lucky numbers 1 and 4, and the colors yellow, blue and green. Travel east and southeast in search of good omens and south in search of love.

This year’s birth oxen were born in the Metal phase o (辛 xīn), and although this means that their breeding was, is or will be hard, they will not be faced with financial worries. Your retirement will also be pleasant.

Chinese astrology states that the year in which the stars on your date of birth return to sit in front of Jupiter is “Ben Ming Nian”, or the year of bad luck, since Jupiter opposes the mythical Tai Sui, the generals celestials or star gods of your Year of birth.

In this year of Xīn Chou, a horoscope state “You may encounter unexpected challenges, especially in your career and studies, that can make you feel stressed, distracted, and excited.”

Other state that “In Ben Ming Nian, the general horoscope of the Ox people will become precarious.”

However, everyone recognizes that the Metal phase that is being generated with the Earth will benefit the Oxen to some extent.

Also, perhaps there is no sign more equipped to deal with Ben Ming Nian than the Oxen, and none of these things should stop an Ox from doing what he does best: working, telling the truth, and developing himself.

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If you find that Tai Sui starts to play hard, be yourself, trust your own strengths, and you will find your way out again as the wheel of fortune turns around your way.

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In many ways, the Xin Chou year, and the way forward through it, demonstrates the state of humanity in this difficult period. If we all borrow a little bit of Ox’s strength, the celestial wheel will change all of our fortunes over time.

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