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It’s Fate and ‘A Beautiful Thing’


Like any happy toddler, Ivy McLeod is filled with smiles and wonder at discovering the world around her. Ivy’s favorite activity is coloring, but since she was born without hands, Ivy holds the markers between her toes to create her children’s masterpieces.

At age 2, Ivy’s mother, Vanessa, says her daughter isn’t fully aware of why other children have hands and she doesn’t. She knows it’s only a matter of time before Ivy starts asking some tough questions.

To prepare for the inevitable conversation, McLeod came up with the idea of ​​getting Ivy a puppy with similar limb differences as a way to show that being different and being beautiful are not mutually exclusive.

I wanted to be able to say to Ivy, “You know you were born that way, but different is beautiful and this puppy was born that way too and that’s a beautiful thing too,” McLeod explained in an interview with CTV News.

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McLeod was concerned that finding a qualifying puppy could be a long road, but it so happened that a furry three-legged baby was born in his Vancouver, British Columbia neighborhood, just a few weeks after the start of the search.

As fate seemed, they named the puppy Lucky, of course.

In addition to being a way to help Ivy understand what makes her different, you don’t need to distinguish her, McLeod sees the bond his daughter and Lucky share as they grow older and face new challenges as an opportunity to change perceptions of women. people.

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“I love everything that is different about it,” McLeod told CTV, “so I encourage people not to view disabilities as sad or pitiful, but rather something to celebrate.”

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