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People have many different reasons to start a weight loss journey, and for Bethany Dingman, it was to reduce her risk of diabetes. She became interested in a healthier lifestyle in October 2017 and decided to hit the gym one day to help with the symptoms of depression. Bethany was going through a rough patch and needed something to ease her mind. Little did she know how much that day would change her life for the better.

“I actually went to the weight section, which was new to me,” he said. “I have been battling obesity most of my life and it has been a journey.” Since Bethany didn’t know much about weightlifting at the time, she observed others lifting weights to get an idea of ​​the correct form. Even though she had never lifted weights before, she quickly fell in love with him.

“I left the gym that night feeling a hundred times better. I kept going steadily for the next month and a half, and then towards the end of November I went for a checkup with my diabetic doctor because I am a type 2 diabetic. “

The decision to reduce the risk of diabetes

Bethany had never taken insulin before. But a few months earlier, her doctor told her that she would have to start if she didn’t lose weight. That motivated her to exercise and eat healthier so I could get better without the need for insulin. He said he lost 12.5 pounds in a month and a half simply by changing his lifestyle. “My maximum weight was 250 pounds and my levels were back to normal, so from then on I decided to do it completely.”

Bethany didn’t start exercising just to lose weight or lower her risk of diabetes, she was also training for the Police Academy. He dreamed of becoming a police officer, so he wanted to get in shape to start his career. To kick start her weight loss efforts, she began cycling carbohydrates and committing to regular workouts. While this worked at first, he said restrictions became an issue going forward.

“I started bingeing a lot and creating other unhealthy habits,” he said. “It wasn’t sustainable for me, and then I ended up hurting myself. I had my fourth concussion in January 2019 from my car accident. At that point they told me that the Police Academy was just not going to happen anymore because I was a huge responsibility. “

Don’t let a setback stop you forever!

As she understood, Bethany had a hard time letting go of the dream she had worked so hard for. After receiving the devastating news about the police academy, she turned to the one thing she could always count on: food. She said she ended up gaining about half her weight, but she didn’t let that stop her.

“That was in December 2019, and at that point I had to sit down with myself and literally look in the mirror. I was like ‘You have a choice!’ You can keep eating and probably end up reaching a new higher weight, or you can control your eating because that’s something you can control. “

He knew his body would heal in due course, but that could never happen if he didn’t take charge of his eating habits. In May, she was finally cleared to start exercising again, but Bethany says she’s taking it easy this time. Due to your car accident, certain exercises and movements make your back hurt. However, she remains grateful for the fact that she can still move and says she will never take that for granted again.

Here’s his advice for anyone looking to lose weight or reduce the risk of diabetes:

Bethany says the following about starting to lose weight:

“If you are thinking of going on a trip or if you are already on a trip and you feel discouraged, keep going.” Bethany says consistency, confidence in the process, and finding what works for you will go a long way in your efforts. No matter how difficult it may seem, all the work you do will be worth it. You add that you should view the process as a lifestyle change, not a quick fix, because you want it to remain sustainable in the long run. Fad diets or extreme training plans may seem appealing due to their quick results, but your body will end up bouncing.

If you want to see lasting resultsJust be consistent with your efforts. If you’re just starting out, add workouts to your routine slowly. Eliminate problem foods one by one, rather than all at once. In life, no matter what your goals are, the journey matters more than the destination. When you look back on all your hard work, you will see that all the healthy choices you made took you to a new place physically and mentally. We all have different challenges in life and we must overcome them in our own way. However, with enough determination and willpower, anything is possible. You just have to know that you can do it. “

Final thoughts: We leave you with this inspiring post from Bethany’s Instagram page:

“This is a lifestyle change. I no longer follow any special diet and I refuse to start one. I feed my body for the goals that I have for myself and the workouts that I do. I’m 238.9 pounds, but I can move this body better than I’ve ever been able to, even in my smallest, who weighed 187 pounds. Scale is a tool. A number will NEVER define its value. Force has no size. Fight with me all you want, but you won’t change your mind. I’ll keep doing it. I’m not where I want to be but I’m not where I used to be I will continue to fight for my goals. And I hope that you, whoever is reading this, continues to fight for you too because, darling, you are worth it! “

Bethany discovered that she could reduce the risk of diabetes managing it by exercising and losing weight, and she knows you can too!


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