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In pictures: the refugees who started a music scene in the Sahara


In Mauritania, just a few kilometers from the ongoing war in Mali, the massive Mbera camp is home to some 62,000 refugees. Here, families endure the merciless desert heat in exchange for a degree of safety. But despite the harsh conditions, something extraordinary is happening here.

Thanks to a group of Tuareg and Arab musicians, a music scene has emerged. They play traditional instruments, violas, drums, modern guitars and self-made equipment, taking advantage of the spare parts and the few resources that are around them. They sing about their land, about the revolution, love, nostalgia, life and death.

Intersos, a humanitarian aid association, asked Italian music producer Khalab to travel to Mbera to listen, record and document his music. And make this unique sound of hope known to the world.

M’berra, an album by Khalab and Mbera musicians, is now available Real world records

In pictures: Making music in the Mbera refugee camp

Images of Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni


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