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‘I just wanted to bring smiles to people’s faces’


Comfort food is something everyone can appreciate. More than just nourishing our bodies, comfort food nourishes the soul and spirit. Now, a New Hampshire woman is taking the concept to a new level, providing “comfort” food in random acts of kindness to her neighbors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought stress and anxiety about food to tables where it has never been felt before, but it has also increased the opportunity to be able to give back in an immediate and meaningful way.

After generous community involvement that included giveaways and a car parade that turned her son Thomas’s seventh birthday celebration from dubious to “epic,” Brandy Bisson took to the idea of ​​showing that goodwill.

“On a whim,” the mother-of-three set aside $ 600 of her own hard-earned dollars to buy food for eight people she had never met. “With the pandemic and everything to do with the elections, I just wanted to make people smile,” Bisson said. WMUR-9.

Having been on the give-and-take end of the equation, though not rich, Bisson learned from her mother’s positive example that giving back is her own reward. “We have been at both ends of the spectrum,” he said. “It’s not a good feeling when you don’t know where you will get food for your children.”

Bisson’s impromptu acts of kindness would have gone unnoticed except perhaps by their intended recipients if a store clerk hadn’t recorded the good deeds and posted them on social media.

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This week, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, Bisson will spread the love even more by providing holiday meals for two needy families in her community, but she won’t stop there.

She says she also plans to continue her random shopping when she can, and hopes that others who see her story will be inspired to do the same.

(SEE Bisson’s story in the WOKQ 97.5 video below).

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