Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Duo’s Pimple Stickers Shrink My Breakouts on the Sly | Review

No matter how dedicated I am to my skincare routine, sometimes there is no stopping a pimple from making an appearance. That’s life. But, rather than applying every spot treatment I own and hoping for the best, the second I start to feel a blemish forming (haven’t we have all been there?) I reach for Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Duo. I cleanse my skin and make sure it’s patted dry before I apply one of the clear dots right on the spot. Not only does it keep the area clean from bacteria and me from being tempted to pick and prod at my skin (no thank you scarring), but these hydrocolloid stickers work like a bandaid to heal the blemish. At the same time, they are also absorbing any impurities. This Mighty Patch Duo comes with two types of hydrocolloid stickers for treating pimples: the Original (a transparent sticker that won a Best of Beauty Award, for overnight use) and Invisible+ (it lives up to its name, and can’t be seen on Zooms. Once it’s on you forget it’s there.) I have found that they wear particularly well under a face mask (and help any existing maskne heal, instead of getting worse), but in post-pandemic times I will also be wearing these in public when the time calls. And while some acne patches have a tendency not to stick to your skin, these ones don’t budge all day. The same is true when I wear one overnight. By the time I wake up, it has turned white, the suggested sign to take it off. (It’s recommended to keep it on for six hours minimum.) Once I peel it off, my skin is less inflamed and irritated and signs of redness are significantly reduced — without any dryness. Plus, since I’ve been using these mighty patches, I haven’t had any long term lingering marks. In short: it’s a clear choice.

You can find Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Duo in our April 2021 Allure Beauty Box.


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