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Chella’s La Vie Eyeshadow Palette Creates More Looks Than You’d Think | Review

When Chella’s La Vie bite-size (disclaimer: it’s not actually edible) palette, no larger than the palm of my hand, arrived at my door, an idea struck. How many looks could I create with just this four-pan eye-shadow palette alone? The four colors are well curated to work together, but I wondered what I could do with them separately, in applications of two and three shades. A mix of curiosity and beauty obsession led me to a handful of different eye-shadow looks all in one day.

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I won’t go into detail about every single look I tried in the span of 24 hours, though I will recount two of my favorites. Let’s start with the natural, smoky eye using three of the four shades: Femme, Instincts, and Vitality (I was saving the gold, shimmery shade, Dynamic, for a later, more festive application). I used my go-to Morphe M433 Blending Brush to pick up the base color, Femme, which matches my olive complexion surprisingly well. The light brown, matte finish masked my veins and green undertones like a charm. I could have called it a day, but for this, I went for an additional base layer, making sure to blend into my semi-folded eyelids while buffing outward toward my hairline. The double application gave me a stunning, neutral tone that did not look the least bit splotchy, acting as a canvas for my next color choice.

Gaining some confidence with this tiny but mighty palette, I went in with a transitional shade: I lightly tapped Vitality (a matte, deep brown) into my crease. As someone who wears nothing but beigey-brown colors these days, I found it matched my chocolate lounge set like a dream. I did see a little fallout under my eyes, but I blame my tapping method for this. 

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