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Girl Who Challenged Dave Grohl to Drum Battles Is Now Co-Writing a Song to Perform With Foo Fighters


Two people who have been having a lot of fun during the lockdown are Dave Grohl and a 10-year-old girl named Nandi. Since August, they have faced each other in the most epic drum battle. Now? The pair are preparing to play on stage one day.

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Nandi Bushell lives with her family in the pretty town of Ipswich in England. A superlative drummer, she has been playing since she was five years old.

She started with dave in summer when he posted a video where he plays drums to the hit Foo Fighters song Always.

Nandi didn’t expect one of the world’s biggest rock stars to respond to her hilarious tweet. But before long, Dave Grohl was posting from the Foo Fighters account and matching his beat-for-beat performance.

He then outgrew his new friend, suggesting that they fight Them Crooked Vultures’ Dead end friends. It matched the rhythms of the rock star, and something else. “You got me,” Dave had to admit.

From there, Grohl wrote a song just for Bushell. The accompanying video is amazing, with his young daughters, known here as “the Grohlettes,” joining him as backup singers.

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Nandi was delighted. She wrote Dave a brilliant song back: Call Rock and Grohl. Because his talent is endless, for the accompanying music video, he sang and played guitar, bass, and keyboard.

It turns out that Grohl was more than a little impressed by his new friend’s ability to create an electric original melody.

He replied on Twitter: “I am depressed, BUT I AM NOT OUT. Your epic song will definitely be hard to beat, but I think I know what to do … “

Yesterday, in a video call organized by the New York Times, the couple met for the first time.

“I know a rock star oh my god!” Dave told Nandi. Of course, he couldn’t stop laughing.

The couple had a good chat about drums, music, and how to make life fun. Then Dave started to look nervous. He told Nandi: “I have a question … When the Foo Fighters finally come back to the UK, do you think you would go on stage and play with us?”

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Nandi’s response was immediate: “Yes! Insurance! One hundred by one hundred!”

“Okay,” Grohl said, “but it has to be at the end of the set, because you’re going to steal the show…. Or should we do a song together?

Cue angrily nods at Nandi and an emphatic, “Yes!”

The couple are now planning to create a “fast” and “rock” tune.

So how did Nandi feel about her talk with her new best friend? As ecstatic as you can imagine.

(CLOCK the amazing couple is in the New York Times video below).

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