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Get Paid $3,200 to Create Art on This Remote Michigan Island for 3 Weeks


If you are an artist who has always dreamed of achieving your Gaugin with an immersive island getaway where you can fully enjoy everything related to nature, you may be in luck.

Located a few miles east of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula on Lake Superior, Rabbit Island may not be Tahiti, but it boasts 91 wooded acres of virtually pristine paradise and the call for its annual artist residency program is now open. .

Three lucky applicants will get three-week residencies scheduled to take place between mid-June and mid-September this year.

If that’s not enough inspiration, the Rabbit Island Foundation is also offering a $ 3,200 stipend to sweeten the pot. (Previous recipients have used the funds to facilitate research, cover travel expenses, purchase supplies, and purchase materials.)

According to its website, Rabbit Island Residency, launched in 2010, “is a platform for researching, expanding and challenging creative practices in a remote environment. By living and working on Rabbit Island, residents directly engage with the landscape and respond to notions of conservation, ecology, sustainability, and resilience. “

Rabbit Island is made up of a native ecosystem that has never been developed or subdivided, and is held in trust so that it never will be. Bald eagles share the tree-filled landscape with native reptiles, nesting birds, salamanders, salmon, and native lake trout.

While it is a glorious and untamed environment, it is likely not suitable for anyone who cannot do without the amenities, has no prior camping experience, or who cannot cope with the vagaries of changing weather. (Intermittent wind and rain are normal; water temperature ranges from 48 ° to 68 ° F; air temperature ranges from 40 ° to 90 ° F)

Resident accommodations come in the form of two three-sided multipurpose shelters, as well as tents and camping gear. The only completely enclosed space is a wood-burning sauna.

Wifi / cell phone service? Control. Kitchen and library? Control. Outdoor studios with tools and equipment? Control. Inner piping? Can you say “toilet”?

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To commemorate and promote residency, the Rabbit Island Foundation annually creates a publication that features the work and research of each resident and also promotes it widely through its social media channels and online archives.

Not a post-impressionist? No problem. The call is open to “visual artists from all disciplines, as well as writers, poets, architects, designers, musicians, filmmakers, composers and choreographers.” In addition to individual applications, small collaborative groups are also encouraged.

Interested creative types who think communing with nature would be the perfect way to get their artistic juices flowing can check out the Rabbit Island Residency Program Application Guide 2021 for more details.

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The submission deadline is March 14, 2021 and there is a $ 20 (USD) entry fee. All registrations must be submitted through Submittable. Good luck!

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