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Gazing Into The Heart of Perfection


Contemplating the heart of perfection

December 14, 2020– “Get people to receive … to see the gifts they have been given … life itself! Life on the side of the road, with the flowers and the undergrowth, and the pebbles and the trees, and the sounds of the birds! And looking up and seeing the clouds, the light and the shadows. We are surrounded! We were at it! And did you know that the Persian word for paradise means “a closed garden?” We are in the paradise, and we don’t. “I see you and we don’t see you. What a waste. Awake! Wake up! “More from renowned photographer Harry Feinstein here. (379 reads)

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To take actionFor more inspiration, see “Ode to a Flower” by Richard Feynman. [more]




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