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‘Frankie the Adventure Goat’ Has Traveled Over 60,000 Miles Across America in Epic Road Trip


Meet Frankie, the adventurous goat who has traveled more than 60,000 miles across the US with his owners in his colorful Airstream trailer.


Cate Battles and her husband Chad moved from their home to a trailer in 2016, and since then they have been traveling to beauty spots with their favorite pet.

“She’s an amazing travel companion,” said Cate, a 34-year-old artist and travel writer from Grants Pass in Oregon.

“She has visited all kinds of landscapes with us; lakes, beaches, mountains and caves. We have covered dozens of states and national parks together.

“At this point, it has probably covered 60,000 miles across the country, from the east to the west coast. She must have already been to more than 20 states.

“Frankie loves being on the road and having adventures, he finds joy wherever he goes, in the desserts he climbs on the rocks and on the beach he loves to lick the salt off the rocks.

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“She is a great hiker, wherever we go, she loves to run and explore. He’s even been to the Grand Canyon. “


The happy trio have managed to keep traveling during the pandemic, because they stick to places that are far off the beaten track.

“We don’t go to camp, we always go out in the middle of nowhere, so Covid hasn’t affected us at all. We have already made several trips this year, including northeast Nevada and Idaho, ”said Cate.

Frankie, a 6-year-old Nigerian pygmy / pygmy goat, will cover much more ground in the coming months.

“Next, we will do a complete tour of the Southwest: Nevada, Arizona, southern Utah and New Mexico,” Cate said.

Cait said that she and Chad couldn’t imagine going on their travels without Frankie by their side.

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“She’s a lot of fun, she looks small but actually weighs around 80 pounds, she’s a stocky girl and she’s very well fed by us. We had a great time with her. “

Ready to see a little more of Frankie?

It seems that someone found the perfect salt …


And a colorful house to live in on the road …


Certainly she is in her habitat here …


Although honestly every rocky spot is pretty cool when you’re a goat …


So what do you think, Frankie would be the perfect travel companion for you?


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