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Feeling Stressed? Use This Gorgeous Polar Bear Live Stream to Find Your Zen


This live stream of polar bears in the wild has been created to help all of us ‘zen out’ this winter.

Live cameras show the migration of bears in Canada and how they survive in the Arctic tundra with their cubs.

Lucky spectators can also get a front row seat to see arctic foxes, seasonal birds, and displays of the Northern Lights.

The project is a collaboration between the non-profit conservation organization Polar Bears International (PBI) and

Every year around now, hundreds of the iconic animals are found on the shores of the Hudson Bay, near the town of Churchill, to wait for the ice to allow them to go out to sea and search for seals for their livelihood during the winter.

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For this reason, Churchill is known as the polar bear capital of the world.

The city even has its own ‘polar bear jail’ for mischievous teenage bears who have been causing trouble in the city. They are released once the sea ice is thick enough that they can make their way into the bay.


The ice-free season is almost a month longer than it was in the 1980s. But there is hope. Krista Wright, Executive Director of PBI, said: “If we act quickly and collectively to make a bold transition to renewable energy, and away from fossil fuels, we can preserve polar bears for future generations.”

“We hope that Polar Bear Week will encourage people to pause, appreciate and listen to this species.

The live camera is connected to a tundra buggy and you can see it here.

Educational webcasts can be found at Polar Bears International. Enjoy the show.

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