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Elderly Man Gets Lessons on Hair and Make-Up to Help Struggling Wife With Failing Vision


A devoted 79-year-old husband visited a beauty school for hairstyle and makeup lessons to help his “beautiful” wife, who can no longer groom herself.

The gentleman entered Alberta’s Delmar College of Hair and Esthetics and told Principal Carrie Hannah that he wanted to learn how to use the curling wand.


His wife’s vision was failing and she keeps burning as a result, so he was looking for some advice.

The man was paired with a student and a mannequin and taught how to operate the curling wand and protect his wife’s skin. She also asked for tips on how to apply her mascara.

The adorable OAP also asked for tips on how to apply her mascara.

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Carrie said, “My staff and students were so touched by your sincere desire to help your wife for over 50 years.

“He lovingly took photos out of his wallet, showing everyone his wife, and bragged about how beautiful and talented he has always been.

“Her appearance has always been something that she has been proud of and is important to her, therefore important to him.”


“He will turn 80 in May, and I think he is also a very brave man to enter a hairdressing school and ask for lessons on how to style hair, as I don’t think many men do.

“In an era of staged social media photos, it was really cool to see an authentic gesture of human love.”

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Since their initial visit, both the man and his wife have visited the university to express their gratitude to everyone present.

Carrie said: “They are both impressed with their new professional skills. And her hair looks great! “

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