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Drop Off Your Old Socks and This Company Will Recycle Them Into Cozy Dog Beds



Smartwool designs base layers, baseball caps, leggings, basically every item of clothing you could want for an active day in nature. But what really knows the Colorado brand is its socks. Super cozy and high quality merino wool socks.

Starting on Earth Day on April 22, Smartwool will recycle your old socks, regardless of brand.

Socks are the garments that are thrown the most. After all, who would want them? To help close the recycling gap and provide a home for those socks that are no longer better, Smartwool has come up with a plan.

Until May 2, just look for the collection bins at these retailers in 42 states to put on socks. If you want to mail them to the business, you will need to purchase something from the website first. You can then opt for a free shipping bag at check-out.

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What will happen to all those socks that have been saved from landfills? They will be busy filling dog beds, which will be available for sale at Christmas, of course.

Why socks?

A recent Smartwool survey found that while more than 80% of respondents recycle their used clothing, 91% of respondents throw away more than 1 pair of socks per year, contributing approximately 11.3 tons of textile waste to waste. landfills annually.

Alicia Chin, Senior Director of Sustainability and Social Impact at Smartwool said in a statement: “Obviously, there is an urgent need for a recycling solution in the socks category, which is where we are focusing our initial efforts.”

Smartwool’s ultimate plan? Start building systems and experiments that lead the company toward a 100% circularity goal by 2030.

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“Circularity. What an idea,” says the brand. “Making a product and also building a system to keep it out of the landfill after its first use is no small thing. But it’s the right thing to do.”

(LOOK the video about this initiative below).

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