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Dr. Berns-Zare Shares 4 Ways to Reclaim Control if You Feel Off-Balance


The world is a busy place, or at least it used to be. Life can sometimes come to you at 100 miles an hour, and it can seem like there’s no stopping it. If you were an efficient person, you learned to navigate the fast pace of life without losing your balance.

Most people adapted to the fast pace of life, so the fast pace seemed normal. Everything from technology to medicine is more advanced than one could have imagined a few decades ago. That is why no one could have predicted that in 2020, the entire world population would be halted by a pandemic.

It’s hard to imagine that a society as advanced as ourselves could be paralyzed by something as miniscule as a virus these days. Yet here we are. It’s safe to say that this experience has honored us all and we are probably looking to make our lives count in some way.

Ironically, people have lost their balance due to the pause in life caused by the pandemic. Having to stay home for almost a year has left many people struggling to make sense of things. It has caused many difficulties to find a purpose. However, we must keep trying to see it, as well as happiness, during this challenging time.

That was the subject of an article written by Dr. Ilene Berns-Zare, PsyD. Noble How to achieve greater balance in an unbalanced world, explained four ways to achieve happiness and peace in this challenging time. Surprisingly, these are pretty straightforward tips. However, it’s easy to overlook these simplicities when you’re stressed out by the state of the world and life as you know it.

Here’s a breakdown of his four tips:

Here are four things you can do to regain control.

Tip # 1: Really experience the taste of your food and drink.

If you’ve never really stopped to savor your food, you have time to do so now. When the world was in full force, you would be surprised at how many people had to eat on the run or try to fit meals into a short 15 to 30 minute rest period. All this rush leads people to eat because they are hungry without really enjoying the food.

Dr. Berns-Zare recommends taking time to use all five of your senses while eating your food. Observe textures, tastes, smells and more. Make a mental note of how you really feel about the food or drink while consuming it.

Tip # 2: Take the time to enjoy happy or positive moments.

Often when pleasant and happy moments happen, you are enjoying them, but you do not let them soak. Before you know it, you’re back in your unbalanced life of social distancing and trying not to lose your marbles. The happy moment has passed and will rarely be remembered.

According to Dr. Berns-Zare, you should pause and really live the moment. Breathe in, watch the moment, and welcome the joy and gratitude you get from it. Really live the experience to obtain all the benefits that happiness offers you.

Tip # 3: Do the same with your happy or positive memories.

Pleasant moments make you feel right now, but people often forget these moments as they go through their lives. Dr. Berns-Zare recommends that you take time to remember these pleasant moments from time to time. She says to pause, take a deep breath, and welcome her with joy and gratitude.

Visualizing yourself in a happy time and place is a great way to relieve stress. Basically, you are using your mind to “get away from it all.” These temporary breaks are like mental vacations that can allow you to recharge.

Tip # 4: Take note of experiences that make you happy or feel good.

This may seem like the same advice as the second, but the difference is that you will think in experiences (instead of thinking on them) that make you happy so you can do them again. Dr. Berns-Zare recommends making a list of activities that you really enjoy doing. Then find a way to make time in your life for these activities on a regular basis.

Even if you can’t do these activities on a daily basis, doing them once a week might give you something to look forward to. These activities could be almost like goals that can restore your sense of purpose.

Dr. Berns-Zare gave some great advice on how to get back on track in an unbalanced world. These four tips are as valuable as gold. The remainder of the article will expand on these tips and offer you more tips for regaining your balance.

Four additional tips for people with an unbalanced life

We are all going through it, trying to navigate a new normal. You can take comfort in the fact that this new world is unique to everyone. People of all socioeconomic backgrounds have been affected by the pandemic. It is an unprecedented moment in our century.

Despite knowing this, it doesn’t make it easier to get back on track. The good news is that it is not impossible to regain balance. Here are some additional tips to help you get in the right direction.

1. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Some people are incredibly critical of themselves because they cannot achieve the goals they set out to achieve. They behave as if they have somehow failed as if they didn’t work hard enough. However, this is the wrong train of thought.

Nobody “failed” at anything. The world stopped and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

The works ended, so the promotions could not occur. Schools closed so that new high school graduates couldn’t start college. Gyms were closed and home exercise equipment was stopped so that people couldn’t lose the weight they promised to lose. People had to take social distance so as not to visit family and friends they hadn’t seen for a while.

Worst of all, many people died, sparking fear in society that people had not seen in centuries. This is not intended to discourage you (although it is unfortunate), but it is intended to make you realize that none of those missed goals are due to your fault.

The world is starting to open up again, so you will be able to work on your goals again very soon. You may face a new normal, but there is no doubt that your dreams will once again be achievable.

2. Cherish every moment with your loved ones.

Procrastination was something a lot of people did before the world came to a stop. There may have been friends or family that you hadn’t seen in a long time, and you thought you would eventually make it. Now that you’ve been through a time when you couldn’t see them, you probably realize how important it is to stay in touch with everyone.

Don’t take those moments for granted. Even if you can’t spend time with them in person, technology makes it possible to video chat with them. Treat every moment you can spend with your loved ones as a gift and make it count.

3. Make a plan.

You’ve had a lot of time to consider which direction you want your life to go. The best way to make it happen is to plan how you’re going to do that. Don’t enter life after a pandemic without a clue or a roadmap. This will extend your feeling of imbalance. Get back to normal by figuring out the steps you’ll take while you have downtime.

4. Eat healthy and exercise.

Being at home all the time can encourage you to eat unhealthy foods and be a bit lazy. However, if you let go of your health, it will throw your life out of balance. You may not be able go to the gym right now, but you can still take steps to stay healthy at home.

Your body and your mind They are connected. If you let your body become unhealthy, your mind can also become contaminated. Poor health can make you feel even worse about life. The best thing you can do is do everything you can to stay healthy.

Final thoughts on living in an unbalanced world

Although it may feel a bit off during these times, it is important to note that it is only temporary. Very soon, things will return to normal. Although normal may have a new definition, it will not be so different that you experience a complete life shock.

This means that if you follow the advice listed above from Dr. Berns-Zare plus the additional information, you can get back on track. In fact, these tips can help you even if there was no pandemic. More than anything, try to stay positive. Positive thinking goes a long way when it comes to living a balanced life.


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