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Download Free Coloring Books From 100 Museums, Libraries, and Iconic Collections


Adult coloring can relax the fear center in your brain known as the amygdala, reducing stress and helping to improve your sleep and concentration. It is also fun.

To get as many people involved in the arts (and the joys of coloring) as possible, the Library of the New York Academy of Medicine has been organizing an annual #ColorOurCollections project since 2016, with museums, libraries, archives and institutions. Global academics involved in creating completely free downloadable coloring pages inspired by their collections.

Coloring books for 2021 and the previous five years remain available year-round for free download. You can check the different options here.

You could draw on vintage motorcycle posters from the Harley-Davidson archives. You could color pages of old Barcelona books. Victorian flora and fauna illustrations, antique medical sketches – everything is available, so take your pick.

What if none of these printable PDFs catch your eye?

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During the past year, all West elm to the illustrator Johanna bashford—Who popularized adult coloring with his books like Secret Garden Y The Enchanted Forest“He’s been creating free books for anyone to download and color.” And they are wonderful.

Johanna bashford

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