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COVID Cases, Deaths, and Hospitalizations Are Plummeting Toward Zero in Most of the US


After 15 months of watching the pandemic spread, there is a lot of good news on the US COVID front in June 2021.

Within most states, the government reports that the death rate for known COVID-19 cases is 0.1% or less.

The reason to celebrate doesn’t end there, as most statistics paint a picture of a virus now under control.

As of June 17, the 7-day moving average of reported cases fell this year by 94% from the peak in January, dropping from more than a quarter of a million new cases per day to just 14,000 cases (down 6%). than the previous week).

The 7-day average of COVID-related hospitalizations also continues to plummet. It was down 13% this week compared to the previous 7 days, and has been down every day since April 19.

This is all according to the CENTERS FOR THE CONTROL AND PREVENTION OF DISEASES. The Washington Post he had more good news to report.

Daily reported cases across the country this week fell 23.7%, while daily deaths fell 31.6% and hospitalizations fell 8.8%.

Only 5 states have a daily death toll per 100,000 residents above 0.1%. Eleven states have 0%.

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One of the most shocking statistics brings sweet relief to hospitals. 13 patients per 100,000 Washington DC residents represents the highest concentration of hospitalized COVID patients in any state.

The highest concentration of intensive care unit patients per 100,000 residents in any state is 3, and 5 states have zero.

That’s the kind of “COVID tracker” a person can expect every day.

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