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Cocker Spaniel Twins That Melt Your Heart


If you have a cocker spaniel, you know firsthand how much love and joy they bring to humans. From their long, feathery ears to their big, cuddly eyes, it’s easy to fall in love with these beautiful dogs. If you are a dog lover, you will adore Chloe and Nena, the cocker spaniel twins who light up people’s lives on the internet on a daily basis. Here is his story.

They live in Italy with their loving human Victoria, who showers them with love and affection. The two dogs are sisters and Victoria says they are friendly and curious by nature. Dogs not only bring happiness to their fans every day, but they have also helped to heal the hearts of their owners.

“Nena and Chloe came into our lives during a difficult period when my family and I lost our beloved cocker spaniel, Nando,” says Victoria. “However, they were able to bring joy to our home.”

Meeting cocker spaniel twins during a time of loss.

After losing their first cocker spaniel, they soon began looking for another furry friend to call their own. They had no idea that Nando and the new dogs would have such a special connection.

“When we first went to meet them, we didn’t know we would be coming home with two puppies. However, this was the best decision we could have made, ”Victoria said. “We found out that Nena and Chloe are Nando’s nieces!”

In this way, a part of Nando lives on in twin cocker spaniels. This helps fill the void that Victoria had felt after lose your beloved dogand keep that connection alive. Nena and Chloe get along wonderfully, which makes them the perfect addition to your family.

“They have so much confidence in each other. They can do anything without upsetting the other, ”Victoria says of their relationship. “Anyone who has dogs in their home knows what it is like to be loved unconditionally. Imagine this feeling multiplied by two. “

Cocker Spaniel sisters make everyone’s life a little brighter.

While they can occasionally be a handful, they are typically well-behaved dogs that make everyone’s life better.

“Nena and Chloe are adored by anyone who knows them. They love being the center of attention. “

They both enjoy the center of attention, but they love to make people smile even more. Dogs are truly angels on Earth because they will do whatever it takes to put a smile on someone’s face.

“The most beautiful thing about owning a dog is seeing the joy in your dog’s eyes in everything you do together. They would do their best to see you happy. “

They do everything together, from strolling on the beach to riding in the car or cuddling on the couch. They are now about three years old, and Victoria says they only stay still to take pictures when she gives them treats. Of course, dogs will do as you ask as long as you keep them fed and happy.

Frequently asked questions about cocker spaniels

In an Instagram question and answer session, Victoria said that Nena is the dominant of the two. On the other hand, Chloe is sometimes shy but feels comfortable when she sees her sister calm and relaxed. When they first got the dogs, they had to wear the collar at all times, so as not to confuse them. However, over time, they noticed subtle differences and were able to easily distinguish between them.

Victoria says that if you have a cocker spaniel, you know how important it is to be aware of regular brushing. You have to prepare them often. Otherwise, their coats can get tangled. These dogs have beautiful, flowing fur, so they definitely need a lot of maintenance. Brushing a few times a week helps keep shedding at bay.

They also do not do well being alone and need a lot of affection and attention. They do best with an owner who works part-time or can stay home with them.

A cocker spaniel needs dedicated pet parents and lots of training.

Also, a cocker spaniel requires a fair amount of exercise and time outdoors. Being a hunter, the spaniel was bred to be busy and active all day. The ideal homeowner for them is one who can offer many opportunities for exercise.

Regarding training, Victoria says: “If you train your Cocker Spaniel from an early age, in addition to setting some guidelines and limits, you can see your puppy grow into a polite dog no behavior problems. “

Training cocker spaniels

She says that if you have two puppies, make sure the dogs have separate training sessions. If you train them at home, work with a dog and ask one family member to keep the other company in the meantime.

“We started training them separately to teach them basic commands,” says Victoria. “I still train them separately sometimes. It’s easier one by one and helps build a strong relationship between you and each dog. “

Make sure to use positive reinforcement: Reward the behaviors you like with praise, games, walks, car rides, or treats. Ignore any behavior that you don’t want to see anymore and your dog will learn not to repeat it over time.

Final thoughts: a cocker spaniel will brighten your life, as Nena and Chloe show us

It’s hard not to be in a better mood when you see a Cocker Spaniel walking towards you with his moving the tail. They have a friendly and happy disposition and love meeting strangers. Victoria says that if she can, she should adopt two dogs from a rescue shelter or wherever she gets them. It helps them feel more secure in their new home by giving them a friend to play with when their owners are away.

Cocker spaniels make wonderful family pets and are gentle with children. They are not aggressive towards people and other animals, and they have a calm and playful nature. Remember that they need a lot of attention, so the Cocker Spaniel does best with loving and loving owners. If you have a cocker spaniel or already own one, let us know how your life has changed in the comments!


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