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Chain Reaction of Kindness Involved Over 900 Vehicles Driving Through a Minnesota Dairy Queen


What started out as a single act of kindness ignited a string of good humor that spanned 900 cars.

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A Dairy Queen restaurant in Brainerd, Minnesota, was the setting for the pre-payment chain that lasted nearly three days.

Store manager Tina Jensen was excited on December 3 when a man said he would like to pay for the car behind him, so she broke the moving news to the people in that car and then asked if they wanted to do the same.

“If you want, I can pay it forward and you can pay the order behind you and we can continue this,” Jensen recalled in a interview with KARE-TV. “She says ‘seriously, why would I do that?’

She agreed to make that Thursday a ‘lucky day’ for the car behind her, and after that, the next car kept paying for whoever it was.

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Says Jensen: “A lady was so emotional that she threw a 20 dollar bill at us almost crying. ‘Seriously. Is this really happening? I said yeah, you have about 125 cars on it. She said, ‘Really, can you believe this?’ “

The longest chain this drive-through has ever experienced was 15-20 cars, but in 2020 with the Christmas spirit in the air, everyone wanted it to keep running.

Tina posted about it on Facebook, and people started driving to the restaurant just so they could participate; All Friday and most of Saturday, they kept coming and paying the bill for the next person in line.

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The record ended at more than 900 cars, with $ 10,000 in sales from disinterested customers who passed up the opportunity to grab a free meal for themselves.

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