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Brave Woman Starts Fitness Journey and Regains Health


Since starting her fitness journey, Tracy has lost 45 pounds and transformed her health. Here is the incredible story of how he got his life and happiness back. Have a look.

“After turning 40 and being the heaviest and least healthy person I’ve ever had in my life, I knew I needed to make a change. So in the fall of 2017, I decided to join a gym and started eating healthier and more nutritious food, ”he says.

By changing her daily habits, she found so much freedom and happiness. He realized that he had the power to overcome unhealthy decisions. Eventually, he became brave enough to take his health into his own hands. However, he ran into some obstacles shortly after. starting your fitness journey.

“Five months after starting, I had to pause my journey because unfortunately I was diagnosed with what is probably a benign brain tumor in the center of my brain called Pineocytoma. Unfortunately, a few weeks after that diagnosis, I was also diagnosed with a facial pain disorder called Trigeminal neuralgia, which is also known as the suicide disease. “

Trigeminal neuralgia

Doctors call it that because of the intense pain that many patients experience, leading to suicidal ideation. Patients can deal with the following:

  • intense migraines
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • sleep disorders
  • other debilitating and painful symptoms.

About 150,000 people are diagnosed with the disease each year, and it most often affects those over 50 years of age.

Tracy says that about ten months after receiving the diagnosis, she regained control over most of her pain and symptoms. So, she decided to go back to the gym and restart her fitness journey. She says her decision to transform her health also improved her mental and emotional well-being. You feel healthy and happy for the first time in a long time, and you are grateful for the changes you have made.

“When I started my trip, I weighed just under 170 pounds, so I started intermittently fasting, drank more water, and cut back on sugar and carbohydrates. With these changes that I made in my diet and with the introduction to exercise, the kilos disappeared quite quickly, ”he said. “I have to say that, at first, it was extremely difficult for me to maintain discipline. But I always remembered my ‘why’, and since I didn’t want to give up on myself or my goals, I kept going. “

Setbacks are normal, but don’t be discouraged!

Many people who decide to start a fitness journey experience setbacks, such as losing motivation. However, a common theme seems to be remembering why they started in the first place. Keeping in mind what led them to a healthy lifestyle in the beginning helps many people stay focused. Of course, the mindset shift doesn’t happen instantly, but exercising and eating healthy It becomes second nature after a while.

“In total, I lost 46 pounds, but because my body composition has changed a lot and I’ve gained lean muscle mass, I no longer use a typical scale to measure my progress,” Tracy said. “Now I measure my progress by how I feel and look, rather than my current weight. I also track my gains over my losses now, and honestly, what I’ve gained from living a healthier lifestyle far exceeds the weight I’ve lost. “

Tracy had this to say about her fitness journey in one of her Instagram posts:

“If I didn’t care about myself and surrender to all the things that I have been forced to deal with over the course of my journey thus far, I would not be who I am or where I am today!

I have overcome all the things that could have easily made me give up on myself and ended up proving to myself that I can do what I set out to do and that I am much stronger than I thought I could be!

If I can do it, you can too! Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from achieving your goals and dreams! “

Final thoughts on Tracy’s fitness journey

Tracy has some advice to offer based on her own experience for anyone looking to start their fitness trip.

“If I were to give someone any advice on how to start their weight loss journey, or their journey towards a healthier lifestyle in general, I would tell them that it is well worth the effort and energy. So they just need to get up and do it. I promise you that once you achieve or reach your first realistic and achievable goals that you set for yourself, you will want to move on. I suggest starting by doing what you can, how you can, and when you can, but make sure you always do your best and do your best.

Not all workouts will be the same, and that’s totally fine. What matters most is the effort you put into it. Progress on perfection every time, and consistency will always be the key. Rest days can be just as important as workouts sometimes, so take at least one a week. And finally, set yourself up for success by setting small, realistic, and achievable goals where you are currently on your journey, and don’t give up. You got it!”


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