Brandy’s Skin- and Hair-Care Routines Have Been the Same for Decades

If you ask me, winter’s saving grace is the holiday season. Were it not for Christmakwanzukkah and New Year’s, December would be rough. It’s cold, it’s dark, your skin is dry. You’re probably frantically browsing the internet right now looking for a “happy light” to put in every room in hopes of combatting your impending seasonal depression. The holidays are our society’s way of easing us into the most miserable season of the year. At least, for a few weeks, you can distract yourself with good food, sweet, boozy cocktails, and cheery-cheesy holiday specials.

But with COVID-19 surging at even higher rates in the United States, this holiday season is going to look very different. Sure, there are still folks who think a deadly pathogen that has killed over 250,000 Americans in less than a year is NBD, but most of us will be opting out of the in-person office parties, elaborate Christmas dinners, and New Year’s toasts. Many of us will happily take our Zoom calls and mind our respective businesses at home, maybe with a select few people in our quarantine circles.

As we average citizens try our best to make this holiday season as normal as possible, retailers and the rich and famous are also joining forces to help make adapting a little bit easier. TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and Marshall’s are three such brands who are busy in this pursuit, tapping a smattering of celebrities for its #CarolforACause initiative to benefit Feeding America. Each week, starting November 17, the brand has asked different famous singers to create an Instagram Reel of them singing their favorite Christmas Carols. Each artist will post their carols to their Instagram feeds. Megan Trainor, Ally Brooke, Brett Eldredge, Sofia Reyes, Pentatonix, Andy Grammar, and legendary R&B icon Brandy have all offered up their voices to serenade us.

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