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Hair-Friendly Hair Dye

By Jenna Brooks

Everyone loves to experiment with their hair from time to time and trying out new, fun colors to change our look is always super exciting. However, while mixing up our hair is something unique and fresh, hair dye, especially bleach and permanent colors, can damage our hair intensely. The ingredients and chemicals used to lift or darken our current colors, can also strip and thin down our roots and ends. They can cause flaking and dryness in our scalp, causing irritation and damage, and can ruin your original hair color for quite a while. Fortunately, on both the market and in the salon, there are natural, healthier alternatives that won’t permanently destroy your natural hair. 

If you don’t want to spend tons on your hair dye or would rather something much less permanent, there are multiple natural brands and methods you are able to do in the comfort on your own home. One is a little gem called oVertone. They have a variety of colors for different base hair colors that have a fun pop for a temporary change. The oils and natural ingredients they use in their dye products leave your hair feeling strong, shiny, and healthy which is vital to protecting your hair from root to tips. 

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Another fantastic at-home hair dye brand is Clairol Natural Instincts, they also use a wide range of natural ingredients if you’re looking to change your hair to a different, more natural color such as deep black, light brown, or even honey blonde. Their products will leave your hair feeling silky and smooth with a stunning natural color that won’t leave your hair looking or feeling dry or brittle. 

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The safest possible option for someone who is wanting to dye their hair is definitely to talk with a professional hair stylist. Like the products mentioned above, hair stylists often have access to a variety of dyes with natural ingredients and less harsh chemicals in order to protect your hair’s strength and beauty. Additionally, they also have different options depending on whether or not you want to have a more permanent hair color or a temporary option. Whether you want to stick with box dye at home or spend more to come into the salon for a professional job, it is definitely the best idea to get a professional opinion at some point and ask their advice. 

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