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Black Skin Care for Men

By Jenna Brooks

With skin care still being a fairly taboo subject for men, black men more specifically, it can be hard to shop for the men in your life when it comes to hygiene and self-care. Fortunately, there are a few great brands on the market specifically designed for and targeted to this audience. 

For both products and skin care tips, a great brand to start off with is called Brickell. They design all sorts of products from cleansers to kits to even after-shave and beard care, making them all encompassing and specifically designed for men. Their wide collection of products has even been featured in men’s magazines and can ship to different countries, making them a solid choice to shop for a special man in your life.

Following is a brand created by a black man, specifically with black men in mind, Buttah Skin. The creator, Dorion Renaud, understood the complexities of both men’s skincare and black skincare and combined the two, offering a great range of different customizable kits and individual gems to try out.

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Last up is a brand that really does is all in terms of men’s self-care. The brand Golden has multiple different product lines, from beard and skin care, to hair and shavers, to even his hands and entire body. The versatility of Golden really makes them stand out, especially considering they are truly a one-stop shop for any self-care and hygienic item a man could need. Their cleansers, oils, and bundles are definitely things to check out, as they offer so many great products for a great price!

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