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Go Dark This Winter and Still Shine with Rich Vibrant Color

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As we head into the winter season, darkening your tresses is typically the go-to thing to do. Today, most women gravitate towards darker tones, such as blacks and browns, because they want to switch it up in colder months. For some, darker hair colors are easier to manage due to less color-fading. “Coloring the hair darker can also enhance the look of the hair by creating shade, depth, and definition,” says Pat Williams, hairstylist, author and Creme of Nature Brand Educator. During this season, opting to go darker does not mean dullness or sacrifice for warm, rich, and radiant tones. You can still have vibrant and stunning hair.

With Creme of Nature Exotic Shine Color with Argan Oil from Morocco, you can achieve amazing results this season. The line offers a great selection of warm and vibrant shades in Intense BlackSoft BlackMedium Warm Brown, or Burgundy Blaze, all with up to 100% gray coverage. Creme of Nature with Argan Oil from Morocco is a permanent hair color line, formulated with a strengthening microsphere technology using super conditioners and vitamins that penetrate the hair shaft while coloring and preventing damage, dryness, and breakage. The fade-resistant line, with rich, vibrant color tones, leaves the hair feeling stronger and healthier with exotic shine. 

So if you are thinking about taking the plunge and changing your hair during this fall and winter season—especially in 2020, we all need a change—it is important to keep a few things in mind before going dark! When deciding a color formula (either permanent or semi-permanent), be sure you know the following about your hair:

• Current hair color (natural or previously colored)

• Desired hair color

• Hair texture (fine, medium, or coarse)

• Hair porosity (the ability to absorb moisture)

• Product/s being used

If you choose to DIY color at home, it is highly recommended to create a safe hair-color-in-progress environment. Be sure to have these items on hand:

• Dark towels

• Timer

• Gloves

• Protective cream for hairline, ears, and nape area 

Color Care

After you have your new color, the next big thing is properly caring for it. “Permanently altering the interior of the hair shaft means more care is required to maintain healthy tresses,” says Pat. “Maintenance is most important for healthy and vibrant hair color.” Poor maintenance can stem from environmental factors and sunlight, which may cause hair color to fade. Color-treated hair can fade during any season, but fading seems to occur more often during the summer, when hair is subjected to salt water and chlorine or if we are outdoors more and work out often. 

For those of us with relaxed hair, hair in transition, curly, wavy, coily, or kinky textures, come extra maintenance measures. It is essential to moisturize, deep condition, and do regular trims all while maintaining the beautiful hue.

To protect, avoid fading, and keep hair color vibrant, Pat recommends using color-protecting and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. A sulfate-free shampoo is best for preserving hair color and conditioning the hair; use weekly for 10-15 minutes with a plastic cap or under a hooded dryer to keep hair moisturized; additionally, use a leave-in conditioner to protect the outer layer of the hair (cuticle). 

Pat adds, “When washing your hair at home, use warm/cooler temperature water to keep your color from washing out or fade out during shampooing and conditioning steps. Washing hair with hot water opens the cuticles. And, when styling, lower the temperature on your flat iron, curling iron, and blow dryer. Air dry when possible before using heat.” 

Go dark, shine bright and be merry with warm hair tones this season! 

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