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‘Keep the Prody Off Your Body’ With This Innovative Hair Styling Cape

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing this new, innovative hairstyling cape that claims to keep the styling products off your body. The Curly Cape was created by founder and CEO Lady Lyse – who felt the need for this design when she became irritated with hair products and water dripping on her shoulders while styling. She kept grabbing towels, and they consistently failed her. Out of that frustration, The Curly Cape was born. 

I love to see women flipping frustration to innovation because when one woman creates magic, we all can partake! The Curly Cape retails for $49.99 online at and comes in red, black and purple.

When I first received the Curly Cape, I immediately noticed its texture and weight. It feels like a soft, weighted blanket. It feels nothing like the capes you see at the hair salons, and it feels amazing. Then, I noticed the lining of the collar, which has this soft, silky feel. This led me to believe that this intentionally-placed fabric was created to help hair glide while styling, causing less friction and breakage—a very well-thought-out design feature. 

The Curly Cape

If you’ve ever used a towel or regular hair salon cape, then you know how frustrating it can be when lifting your arms. It drives me crazy! Towels slip off or only protect only a portion of your clothing, and hair salon capes have too much fabric around the arm area. Annoying! However, the Curly Cape has this bat-wing design that hugs the arm gently, so when you’re styling, you don’t have that extra fabric flapping everywhere. It also has metal buttons to secure the cape.

The best part of this styling cape is that it protects clothing from hair products and makeup – multi-functional and absolutely genius! I loved being able to do my hair and makeup together, fully clothed without worrying about makeup stains and leave-in conditioner getting all over my shirt. The buttons stayed secure, so I didn’t have to worry about tugging at a towel to keep product off of my clothing. The Curly Cape is definitely a must-have for any beauty lover’s stash! 

I can absolutely see this cape used in hair salons and sold by major retailers in the future. It is something that you didn’t know you needed until you actually see it and try it for yourself! 

Will you be trying The Curly Cape? Let us know in the comments below!

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