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Australian Woman Finds Koala Hanging Out in Her Christmas Tree – And the Photos are Adorable


A woman near Adelaide had the best treetop ever, at least for one day.

Amanda McCormick / 1300 Koalaz, Facebook

Amanda McCormick discovered that her Christmas tree had a new ornament after a live koala entered her home and snuggled in the branches of the white pine.

Luckily for the internet, he took pictures before calling a wildlife rescue group, 1300KOALAZ.

“Our hotline operator got a call”, the charity wrote on FB. “At first he thought he was the victim of a joke.”

They cheerfully reported that the koala was “desperate to get into the Christmas spirit.”

Amanda, who lives in the Coromandel Valley in South Australia, is not alone. Dee Hearne-Hellon, co-founder of 1300Koalaz, says koalas are sometimes known to sneak into homes.

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Amanda McCormick / 1300 Koalaz, Facebook

Perhaps especially when there is a nice tree to climb.

The juvenile female was released into the neighborhood, which is in a region of perfect habitat for koalas, and sneaked up to a nearby tree.

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“It’s the season to be merry … Koalalalala Lalalala.”

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