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Ariel Burger: beyond words

April 1, 2021– “My best friend went to art school and I was very attracted to that path. But I decided not to follow it, because I wanted to find the discipline that encompasses everything. I would not have used those words then, but that was really it. I wanted to find that. that it was the source of art, but also the source of being a person and the source of meaning, and a response to mortality. ” The artist and author, Rabbi Ariel Burger, crossed paths with Elie Wiesel early in his life and grew up to serve as a technical assistant in Wiesel’s classroom. In this in-depth interview, Burger explains many facets of the place of music and art in his life. “You have to find your own way,” he says, “You have to perceive your unique form of mystical insanity. That is important. But the test of that path is always: Am I becoming kinder? Am I becoming more sensitive to others? people? “Am I becoming more compassionate? Am I becoming more responsible? “(186 reads)

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