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Aquarius Horoscope July 2021 — Love and Career Predictions

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Welcome to July, darling Aquarius! Last month, lover planet Venus entered your 7th House of Partnership, bestowing your love life with joy from the universe. Life is good, and July is filled with oodles of fun. Just don’t get off to a rocky start by picking fights! When warrior planet Mars, currently in Leo, squares (an unfavorable astrological aspect) your ruling planet, Uranus (currently in Taurus) on Saturday, July 3, you may be a little more on edge than normal. Usually, you’re the most aloof sign of the zodiac, but this transit may leave you on edge, and tempted to pick fights with your friends, lovers, or coworkers. Remember that you’re happiest when things are peaceful. Self-soothe with self-care and be extra nice to yourself around this date. 

In fact, the first half of July really is best spent cooling down at home (yes, you can invite over a lover). There’s a powerful new moon in emotional Cancer on Friday, July 9. This is an ideal night to primp and pamper yourself. Keep a notebook and pen by your side, because your brain will be bursting with creative ideas during this lunation. Don’t be surprised if you come up with a brilliant idea for your job or passion project. When messenger Mercury also enters Cancer on Sunday, July 11, you’re ready to confidently communicate your ideas to bosses and other authority figures who can help bring them to life. 

You typically ooze independence and confidence, Aquarius, but secretly, you may beat yourself up for past mistakes. Remind yourself that no one has a perfect record, especially in matters of love. In fact, heartbreak is just part of dating. On Thursday, July 15, a comet named Chiron and known as the “wounded healer” goes retrograde in bold Aries. This transit helps everyone process old pain, and for you, helps you to forgive yourself and let go of the past. This is a crucial task because it allows you to be a better friend to yourself in the present. 

Now that your confidence is up, it’s time to leave the house and go have some fun. This is perfect timing because attention-loving Leo season begins on Thursday, July 22. Pull out your best makeup and your craziest outfit; whatever makes you feel like the sexy alien that you are, Aquarius. Circle Friday, July 23 in your calendar, because there is a full moon in your sign and you’re on fire. Go hit the town (while staying safe, of course) because the stars are aligned to provide you with an exceptionally fun night. 

The party continues when messenger Mercury enters brazen Leo on Tuesday, July 27. The first half of July asked you to take it easy, but now the world demands you make your presence known. As Chiron retrograde will remind us, everyone is still dealing with the trauma of the pandemic. You might be shocked to see what a mood-lifter spending time with your friends is, once you get back out there. Plus, your outfits are so fantastic that the world deserves to see them. Stay safe and see you in August!

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