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A Kitten Named Lennon Rescued on John Lennon Drive is Now Playing Big Brother to Another Stray Kitty–Ringo


After being discovered on a Liverpool street called John Lennon Drive, a red-haired tabby named Lennon is now playing the older brother of another kitten in care, named Ringo.


When the students found little Lennon on an English street on October 8, which would have been the Beatles superstar’s 80th birthday, the feline looked very scared, so they wrapped the kitten in a blanket and searched the Royal Society. for the Prevention of Cruelty nearest. to the Animal Center (RSPCA).

At the same time, workers at the Wirral and Chester RSPCA branch were hand-raising a tiny black and white kitten that was rejected by its mother and was only a few days old.

Since then, six-week-old Lennon and his new friend have become inseparable, so the staff have named the three-week-old baby in honor of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.

Their bond is so strong that the RSPCA would like to bring the fluffy couple home together.


Kay Hawthorne, Branch Manager, said: “Introducing [Ringo] to Lennon when he arrived while we were helping feed them both and the couple just got along. Lennon loves taking care of Ringo. They play together and hug together. They get along so well it’s very sweet. ”

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Life has already been a long and winding road for this adorable couple, but it’s certainly nice to hear that both kitties have bonded and are getting by with a little help from their friends.

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