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A ‘Beaver Full Moon’ With Lunar Eclipse Happened This Morning—And Folks Took Some Stunning Photos


If you were awake in the early hours of this morning, you may have noticed the full moon getting darker and redder.

Thomas lipke

What I was seeing is called a penumbral lunar eclipse. Caused by the moon sinks Behind Earth’s diffuse gloom, or outer shadow, this subtle shading effect peaked at 4:32 a.m. ET on November 30, when, according to NASA, 83% of the moon was in shadow. of our planet.

NASA has you are also given a list of the names November’s full moon is known for: The Algonquin tribes have long called it the Cold Moon after the long, freezing nights. Others know it as the Frost Moon, while an ancient European name is Oak Moon – perhaps due to ancient Druidic traditions that involve harvesting mistletoe from oak trees for the upcoming winter solstice.

In America, the November full moon is perhaps even better known as the beaver moon, and Native Americans associate it with a time when beavers are struggling to finish building their dens with mud, sticks, and rocks in preparation. for the winter.

While this was the last penumbral eclipse of the year, don’t worry if it was lost due to sleep or clouds.

For those who couldn’t witness the phenomenon in person, from San Francisco to Michigan to the Sydney Opera House, here are some stunning images from the last partial lunar eclipse this year.

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PS: The next full moon will be the Christmas Cold Moon on December 29, 2020.

The full moon captured with the view of the San Francisco skyline in the Alameda

A peaceful scene from Michigan’s Mackinac Island

Surreal views from Joshua Tree

The Columbia River Gorge became a realm of the moonrise

This photographer took some cool blue views in Northumberland, England.

This photographer in Russia captured an image directly from a folk tale

Clouds added interest and atmosphere to these photos taken in Preston, England

A moment of calm was captured in Rhode Island

The moon brought photographers everywhere together last night. Here is a view from Sydney.

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