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9 Reasons Why Your Life Is Better Staying Single


Just because you stay single doesn’t mean you feel lonely. It doesn’t matter if you’ve always been single or just left a relationship. Without a doubt, you will avoid many invasive questions from friends and family.

While these nosy friends and family mean well, you can still be a part of one and still be happy. A motto to live by is that it is better to be single than to lose your life to the wrong person.

Recent statistics report that approximately 50.2 percent of people in the United States they are single, which is more than double the percentage in the 1950s. Of course, some of these people are widowed or divorced or in a relationship but living separately. However, some simply enjoy their independence without a partner, which is completely acceptable.

The pressure to get married

Norms of American society and gender roles have evolved slowly over the past centuries. In the past, men and women stayed in the traditional roles that were expected. The men learned a trade or studied for an education to work and support a wife and family.

The women were expected to marry soon a man of means and give birth to their children while running the home. Even in the early 1900s, women who weren’t married when they turned 21 were considered spinsters, a derogatory term that is hardly used these days. However, neither female teachers nor school teachers at that time could marry. Single women also considered religious vocations, such as becoming a nun.

The pressure wasn’t that hard on the singles. Confirmed singleness was often seen as a badge of prestige. In the highest positions of society, men were pressured to marry and produce a male heir to the surname.

The end of the Second World War ignited the sparks of change that would culminate in the Gender revolution of the 1960s. During the time, women often had to work outside the home because their husbands were fighting abroad in Europe. Many single women loved the feeling of freedom and saw that they could thrive and be happy living alone.

During the culture shock of the 1960s, the liberation of women and the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, more young people decided that they could have a lover without marrying and live in the same house.

Women began to accept more jobs in traditionally male-dominated fields with great success. They founded their businesses and traveled the world on their own. They made impressive achievements in the arts, mathematics, and science as single women.

9 reasons why many people are happier staying single

Whether you are a woman or a man, you are a whole person in your own right. Lovers can congratulate you, but you don’t need anyone to complete you. Does staying single cause any psychological harm or benefit?

Although it is necessary to have social interaction to be healthy, is it necessary to live with others to do it? It just depends on the person. These are some of the possible benefits of living alone.

1. You make the rules

Remember when you were a kid at home and couldn’t wait to grow up and set your own house rules? Staying single gives you the privilege of setting the rules without having to answer to anyone else. You can be as fussy or as lax as you like.

If you want to stay out all night on Friday and sleep all day on Saturday, you have that option. You don’t have anyone waiting for you or telling you what you should or shouldn’t do. If you want to have a drink with a special friend, you decide.

2. More personal space

When you live alone, you don’t have to worry about sharing space with other people. Imagine how wonderful it would be if all the closet space were yours. There would be no discussion of who gets the top shelf and who gets the bottom.

Also, the bathroom will always be available and you won’t have to queue. You can take quiet baths without anyone knocking on the door. There will be plenty of hot water, clean towels, and space for all your toiletries.

3. Decorate your way

Even the most devoted couples living together can have conflicts over how to decorate the exterior and interior of their home. It can be irritating living with someone who has completely different tastes in decorating, and you must continually compromise. What if you’ve always dreamed of a minimalist theme and your partner is an eclectic hoarder?

Staying single allows you the freedom to decorate your venue however you choose. You don’t have to compromise or make room for someone else’s stuff. You can change colors and styles anytime you want without asking someone’s opinion.

4. No more extra hassles

One of the biggest complaints of people who live together is having to clean up each other’s messes. It is more difficult if you are a cleaning freak and your partner is lazy. While it may be remarkable that one of you is an aspiring chef, it’s not that great when the kitchen is a mess.

As a single resident, the only messes you will clean up are yours. No more picking up wet towels from the bathroom floor or picking up cans of beer left on the coffee table. There will be no more stacks of crisp dishes or stacks of dirty laundry in the bedroom.

On the other hand, maybe you grew up with chronic fanatics of order and you are the messy one. If you live alone, you don’t need to bother washing dishes when dinner is over. You won’t need to answer to anyone if you don’t want to make your bed in the morning.

5. The remote is yours

Don’t you hate it when you want to watch your favorite house design show and your partner is watching past seasons of the latest drama? TV show options can often be the bone of contention for those who live together.

When you stay single, you are the remote ruler and you can see what you want whenever you want. If you want, you can also enjoy a quiet moment without anyone playing the television. Plus, you have control over stereo and other technologies on your pad.

6. Don’t fight over the thermostat

Do you feel like you’re in a perpetual hot flash and your cold-natured partner turns up the heat, or vice versa? Your idea of ​​a good night’s sleep may include plenty of warm blankets, while your partner may prefer just a top sheet.

You can also open doors and windows as you wish without aggravating the other person. There are no worries or compromises when you live alone.

7. A room of your own

Speaking of bedrooms, didn’t you get tired of sharing a room with your siblings as a kid? Staying single means you have a bedroom to yourself. Both sides of the bed are yours, and you can hog both sides of the bed and all the blankets.

Maybe you are like some people and I can’t sleep without a fan, music or television. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be easy if you lived with someone who needs total silence to sleep.

It would be the same situation if one of you slept with a night light and the other preferred total darkness. If you live alone, you can read or watch shows in bed as late as you like.

8. No pet dilemma

Everyone is not an animal person. Most pets are generally divided between cats and dogs. Some people are happier when they are surrounded by a whole collection of animals all over the house.

If you live alone, you make the decisions when it comes to pets. You can have a cat or a dog, or another pet to keep you company. If you have allergies or don’t like pets, you don’t have anyone who insists on having a lot of animals on site.

9. Living can only save a little money

People who are married or living together can save money on rent or a mortgage with two incomes. However, the cost of utilities and other services increases with two or more people in a household. If you live alone, your bills may be lower and you can save your money for other essentials.

Final thoughts on staying single instead of getting married before you’re ready

Living alone does not mean that you have rejected society or that you are not interested in love. It is possible to enjoy a fulfilling love life and social calendar without sacrificing your private space. Staying single can give you the peace and quiet you want, and you can invite people to visit as you wish.

Until you find that special partner, don’t commit. Enjoy this time, staying single can be an enriching experience.


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