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9 Consistent Holy Grail Products for Natural + Relaxed Hair

Don’t you wish you could find the perfect products for your hair? We all do, but we often find ourselves trying every shampoo and conditioner out there in hopes of getting lucky and finding our holy grail hair care item. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the perfect curl cream or a leave-in conditioner that will keep hair supple and moisturized; determining what’s best for your hair can be tricky.

The truth of the matter is the key to finding the best products for your hair starts with identifying the right ingredients for your tresses.

Cosmetic Chemist Tonya S. Lane shares her favorite products and discusses how each item holds up in the categories of shine, curl definition and slip.

“I also want to share the superhero ingredient in that formulation,” says Tonya at the start of her video. “When I say ‘superhero ingredient,’ I’m not talking about the marketing ingredients that you guys might see on the front of the bottle, but I’m talking about the actual, functional ingredient that’s doing the majority of the work inside this formulation.”

Consider this video your crash course to natural or relaxed hair care. Arm yourself with these recommendations and tips to ensure your next beauty supply store visit is a successful one.

Are you feeling any of these product recommendations? What are your holy grail items? Let us know in the comments below!

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