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8 Signs You’re A Highly Resilient Person


Resilience is value. It means strength, power and growth. Being resilient is one of the key traits needed if you want to advance in the world!

So do you have what it takes to be resilient? Or are you already someone who has that courage and that ability? Here are 8 signs that you are a very tough person.

1. You are aware of yourself

You cannot be resistant if you are not aware of yourself. Without self-awareness, resilience turns into stubbornness, which is unproductive and can halt your progress or prevent you from moving forward. This is because resilience achieves these ends:

  • Coping with problems in a healthy waywhich you can’t do if you don’t know what works best for you
  • It involves understanding your own abilities, flaws, emotions, thoughts, and perspectives.
  • It requires you to be aware of your actions, choices, and behaviors, as well as the effects of those decisions.
  • It means being able to correct yourself when you make mistakes, which you can’t do if you aren’t aware of those mistakes in the first place.
  • In the long term, so you cannot rely on the concept of “ignorance is a blessing” that is only viable in the short term.

Essentially, being self-aware can help you realize what you personally need, what can be worked on, what can be changed, and when it’s time to seek additional help. If you don’t know yourself or the world around you, you can’t be strong against it in a truly healthy way.

2. He is not ashamed of his flaws and weaknesses

Being resilient does not mean that you are without flaws or setbacks. It just means that you are brave enough to face them. While bragging or shrugging off your weaknesses is not productive; not being afraid to recognize what you are missing is a powerful move. Show that you are willing to show difficult parts of yourself to address your flaws.

If you don’t want to look your weaknesses in the face and understand them for what they are, you can’t learn or grow. This would be a major hindrance to your momentum. So if you’re not ashamed to speak up and address your weaknesses, then go! Here are some signs that you are tough enough to recognize your flaws:

You don’t try to hide your flaws

Trying to hide weaknesses is a huge waste of time, effort, and energy, and distracts from all the time you could spend improving those weaknesses. Be open about your shortcomings and be willing to tell others that you are overcoming them. You can even ask for help!

You are responsible

It is easy to transfer responsibility for problems to others. If you have no problem taking responsibility and taking the blame for what you did wrong, you are not ashamed of your shortcomings and you are a resilient person!

Can accept constructive criticism

The perspectives of others are a great asset on your personal journey. They can show you things you didn’t think of or didn’t realize about and provide alternative ideas and opinions. Constructive criticism is therefore immensely valuable. Ignoring trolls that only spew insults is fine and good for you. But ignoring genuine comments presented with kindness is a mistake!

You have accepted your past

Everyone has their share of baggage, but you have to accept it to be tough. Understanding how the past has shaped you without letting it weigh you down or define you is a powerful sign that you accept even the ugliest parts of what makes you who you are.

3. You can find humor in difficult times

You can’t avoid the reality that not everything in life is going to be good. Sometimes, it’s going to be so, so bad that it borders on absurdity. Being able to find the humor in these types of moments could be key to overcome them. So if you tend to laugh and joke in the face of difficulties, you are likely more resistant to the negativity that those moments carry.

In fact, studies have shown that laughter really can be the best medicine. Making jokes, as long as you don’t completely ignore reality, can help you stay better positive thinkingespecially when you are going through a particularly stressful situation.

4. You have good limits

Resilient people often have a good social support system. In some cases, they were indeed lucky, but in many, the fact remains that resilient people are likely to attract those who will love, care for, and support them in healthy and positive ways.

This is due in part to the ability of resilient people to enforce reasonable limits. If you are someone who can maintain healthy communication and good relationships with those around you without feeling drained, overdone, or expecting your peers to try too hard for you, you are probably quite resilient!

Other frontiers that resilient people know are limits on logic versus emotion and perception versus reality. Can you tell the difference between what you feel and what you should do? Are you able to see where certain behaviors of yours come from without excusing their negativity? You could be a tough person!

Learn six ways to increase your resilience

5. You are comfortable with uncertainty

Nothing in life is safe. The path of the universe is such that sometimes things will happen outside the left field. The best laid plans fall apart. If you keep your thinking positive through it all, you’re probably pretty tough. Here are some additional signs along these lines of your resilience in accepting the natural chaos of the world!

You’re okay with the unpredictable

A resilient person knows that there is no way to prepare for everything that comes in life. They don’t get too attached to a single plan, knowing that things can change without their expectations.

You know that change is inevitable

Nothing is constant. Everything changes. It is a difficult and even uncomfortable fact, but you have to accept it. If you are resilient, you don’t try too hard to keep things the same and accept the changes in your world.

You are adaptable

With all the constant change, you have to be adaptable and flexible to be resilient. You know how to navigate the tides of change and you understand the need to go with the flow rather than resist.

Can release control

People who feel the need to always be in control will be the most affected when these unpredictable changes occur. If you are resilient, you are likely comfortable with the concept of releasing and letting go of the need for control. Ironically, the more you try to control something, the less you feel in control.

6. You look for the positive in difficult lessons

You can’t know everything from scratch, and sadly, some lessons are the ones you’ll learn the hard way. For many people, lessons like these are enough to make them break down and want to give up due to the pain that can come from such events.

It’s entirely reasonable to feel depressed when you’ve had to learn a painful lesson, but if you’re tough, you’ll also do what you can to find the positive rays in your dark clouds. You are looking through the hard times and lifting the veil to find the golden teachings hidden within, and that is endurance at its finest!

Research indicates that those who try to experience as many positive Emotions, as much as possible, are often much more resilient and have many other important traits that help them overcome obstacles. You may feel bad at first, but if you don’t dwell on that negativity and try to move quickly and make new plans with your newly acquired learning, congratulations! You are a tough person!

7. Has a broader perspective and vision

Those who are tough don’t have time to be narrow-minded. The world is wide and complex, and they know they have to broaden their horizons to give it the understanding it needs. If you have a broad perspective for yourself and the universe beyond you, you are probably a resilient person. Here are some additional signs that indicate this:

Your vision is clear

Do you have an idea of the future you want, and you know the steps you need to take to get there. You don’t stress over individual moments. Knowing each step gets you closer to where you want to be.

You stay inspired

You like to find new and alternative ways of seeing the world and you are always looking for new ideas and thoughts from the people around you. It keeps you inspired to keep going.

Your eyes are on the big picture

You don’t get obsessed with the little details. You like to look at the bigger world and the big picture on little notes. Better yet, believe in greater possibilities and notice all kinds of wonderful things to come.

8. You have good self-esteem

Many people struggle with insecurities and self-esteem issues. If you are someone who goes to great lengths to build self-confidence and maintain a positive self-image, then good news: you are resilient!

Positive Self-esteem has been linked in studies to greater resilience and satisfaction with life. Of course, this is easier said than done; Self-esteem doesn’t happen overnight. Here are some signs that your self-esteem is improving or doing well.

Achievements do not define you

Some people feel like they are a failure when they don’t achieve their goals or have trouble achieving success, which often works against them and reduces their chances of getting started. If you don’t let yourself be defined by what you’ve accomplished, failure, or even a lack of progress, won’t drain your feelings of self-worth. This is a sign of strong and stable self-esteem, as your self-esteem comes from within, not external sources.

You don’t play comparison games

Someone who lacks self-esteem may try to define his position in society by comparing it to others. This is not a great way to live your life, as each individual goes through their own unique journey and story. It is unfair to start trying to compare everyone, and you should feel confident and comfortable in yourself without being obviously “better” than others.

You can generally say that you are happy with who you are

While you should always seek to learn, grow, and improve, you must also like yourself. A resilient person with good self-esteem focuses on their good sides and uses those strengths to their advantage. They do not feel that they lack anything, and if they feel satisfied with their identity, you have good self-esteem!

Final thoughts on some signs that you are a very resilient person

Without resilience, you can’t move forward in life towards your goals. If you think you don’t have any of these signs that you are a very tough person, don’t worry! You can build resilience over time, just like with any other trait.



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