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8 Cheap Gardening Hacks, Like Making Mini Greenhouses From Plastic Bottles


If you think of TikTok as a place where tweens and Gen Z members perform unfathomable dance moves and viral sea huts for their peers, you might be surprised to find that it’s also an online platform where gardening tips are shared. .

According to some of the more popular TikTokers, with a little ingenuity and, say, some old plastic bottles, there is practically nothing you can’t do to make your indoor and outdoor plants look great.

From ‘wine bottle watering balloons’ to getting rid of pests with orange peels, check out these tricks.

1. Water your plants with a bottle of wine.

Watering the balloons that go into the ground can cost quite a few dollars, but a bottle of wine that you have in your recycling bin? That costs nothing. check @ brilliantly.ecoon TikTok to learn how to create your own free watering balloon.


Our favorite #cutting For keeping your garden happy when you go out of town! #PlantLover # gardening101 #gardening #gardening #recycling

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2. Feed your plants for just the right amount of time

Neither excessive watering nor watering the plants is optimal, so @chelseaaabri It says to put your pots in a dish filled with water. That way, they will absorb just the right amount.


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3. Find out how thirsty your plants are with a pencil.

Here it is @geainthejungleThe trick to knowing when to water your plants: mark with a pencil the depth of dryness that a particular plant likes; Stick the pencil into the ground at that exact depth, and if the tip comes out a little wet? You know you don’t need to water it yet.


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4. Fertilize your plants with coffee

How to fertilize your potted plants? Well, you could buy some fancy plant food, or you could just dilute the leftover coffee with water and pour it on the ground, he says. @_for the House.

@_for the House

Plant father #Life Hack. You probably drink your fertilizer every day 🤣🌿💚 #templates #plantlover #plant #inside plants

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5. Get rid of pests with orange peels.

You love your plants, but also the insects in your house. To do? Just put orange peels around your veggies, it says @ghibligreenhouse.


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6. Make a mini greenhouse out of old plastic bottles.

On Instagram, @plasticfreeally has shared an eco-friendly way to make a small greenhouse from discarded plastic bottles. First, cut those bottles in half, then watch your green stuff sprout.

7. Make a home for the seeds in used tea bags.

Here’s a new one from @creative_explained: Take a used tea bag, poke a hole in it with a pair of scissors, put your chosen seed inside, put everything in a Ziploc bag, then watch that little seed sprout.


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8. Grow your own fruit with what you buy at the store.



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