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5 Signs You’re With A Supportive Partner (And 5 Signs You’re Not)


You have a solidarity partnerOr are you having a hard time getting the slightest amount of support when you’ve had a bad day? Being in love is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It puts fire in your soul and a spring in your step, but the only thing worse than being single is being with someone who makes you miserable.

While there are many emotions involved in a dating relationship, there are also many options. You must choose to support your partner every day and be there for when the going gets tough. They always say that there are many fish in the sea if your current relationship does not work, but how do you know if who you are with is your partner forever?

Relationships take work and it’s not going to be perfect overnight. What makes one couple last 25 years together while another cannot be two? If you surveyed people who have been in relationships for many decades, they would tell you that the easiest option is to leave. You must stay no matter what is going on and get over it.

They would also tell you that it is about much more than love. Love is a great feeling, but it doesn’t pay the bills, it doesn’t guarantee stability, and it doesn’t support you when everything seems to be going wrong. Remember the classic Tina Turner song, “What’s love got to do with it?”

As Turner said in his famous song, love is a second-hand emotion. It is only a small fraction of a relationship. More than anything, you need a partner who supports you and is by your side no matter what happens.

Signs that your partner supports you

So how do you know if you have one of those relationships that will stand the test of time? Here are five signs you have a supportive partner and a long-term opportunity to make it happen.

1. They pay attention to details

Having someone to support you improves your life. Does your partner look at you and notice if you have changed your hairstyle, have you put on a new outfit, or are you wearing a new fragrance? The devil is in the details.

If they pay enough attention to it that they can notice the slightest of changes and congratulate you, then it is a sign that you have chosen a winner. The little things are often the elements that matter the most. Sure, new cars, big parties, and exotic vacations are nice, but having someone tell you that you’re beautiful and taking care of the little details means so much more.

At the end of the day, you want someone who cares deeply for you enough to notice even the slightest of changes. Also, it would help if you had someone who is so in tune with you that they can tell when something is wrong or different.

2. They are always 100% honest

Does your partner run to you first when he has made mistakes in life or hides them from you? When you have that connection that movies are made about, your partner will come running to you no matter what is happening. Honesty is always a vital part of any union and its ability to communicate about things.

3. They are your safe place

If you are sick, scared, sad, angry, happy, or want to run away, your partner is your garbage and the safe place you can run to. Do you feel better when you are in his arms? Some say that the world seems perfect when they reach their partner.

When you are in a committed relationship, you should want to run to them instead of running away from them. No need to keep secrets when you have found a safe haven in your current relationships.

4. They promote growth

It takes a lot of strength to encourage you to reach for the stars, even if your growth means you could sacrifice time with them. When you genuinely love and support someone, you want them to grow, prosper, and be the best they can be.

Life is a better place when you have someone behind you cheering you on and waiting for you to achieve every goal you set for yourself.

5. They make time for you

There are 168 hours in each week. The average person in America works 38.7 hours a week, according to a study. In addition, people usually sleep about 49 hours.

When work and sleep subtract from your availability, you only have 80 hours to do everything else. This time should support commuting, picking up and taking children to school and sporting events, shopping, preparing meals, and cleaning the house.

However, your support partner still finds time for you in the mix. Even if it’s just an hour of full attention at night, they make time for you. No chaotic work schedule or urgent business in the office could be more important in their eyes than you.

Signs that your partner is not the most supportive

Now that you’ve examined what it takes to have a supportive partner, what if your relationship was unsuccessful? Here are some signs that you have a partner who is not the most supportive or supportive of you in your endeavors.

1. Faults are quickly found

Does being in the same room always end in an argument? Their relationship has reached a stage where it’s all about finding fault with each other.

They complain and complain about what you cook for dinner or lack of food because you worked late. It does not matter what you do; you can no longer please your partner.

2. Your communication is mediocre

You no longer call or text during breaks at work. In fact, you hardly communicate. They hardly see each other, and when they do it is watching television or in passing.

You don’t even remember how you got to this point, but you know you don’t have good communication. If you prefer to tell your parents or best friend about things that happen in your life, then it is time to re-evaluate things.

3. There is no quality time together

Sure, her schedules are chaotic and she barely has enough time to get things done, but there is no sense of urgency to spend time together. Your partner is content to be two ships that pass at night.

It may have been years since you were on a real date or spent quality time together. You wonder, how did things go downhill so fast? You should never have to beg for love and attention from your partner.

4. There is verbal abuse in your relationship

The arguments now take a negative turn where there are insults and hurtful things said. Your partner criticizes you and now calls you fat, ugly, stupid, or dumb. They never seem to pass up an opportunity to put you down.

A caring couple would never dream of calling you a name, no matter how heated the argument gets. Be careful; toxic relationships that have verbal abuse can often escalate become physically violent. If your partner despises you so much that the insults and insults seem to come out of your mouth, you should know that you deserve better.

5. Physical contact has decreased

The intimacy has almost diminished between the two of you. You don’t hold hands while sitting on the couch watching a movie; You don’t even get close enough on the bed to hug. The physical contact has almost faded and you have no idea why he / she doesn’t want to be with you.

You can I suspect there is another person in her life, and you might wonder how something so right has now turned into something so wrong. You are like two ships that pass at night and your dog or cat loves you more.

When the physical contact has almost stopped, it is a sign that your partner is not supportive and you have left the relationship.

Final thoughts on finding a supportive partner

It’s challenging to navigate even the best relationships. They both come from two different worlds and are trying to merge their lives into one. However, a supportive partner will do everything in their power to improve your life, not make it worse.

If you find someone who notices a new outfit, encourages you to reach for the stars, and always makes time for you, then you’ve found a treasure. Unfortunately, some people do not have that relationship with their partner. They are hungry for affection or even a compliment.

Toxic relationships can destroy you emotionally. You need and deserve to be with someone who is 100 percent with you. While life is hectic and there are many things you need to accomplish in a day, you still know that every break or time off from work you get will be spent with your partner.

Love is easy, but support takes a lot of work. Do you and your partner have what it takes to be one of the few who can survive forever?


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