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4 Things You Can Do to Give Someone a Better Life (Without Money)


Being a helper is a beautiful thing. It’s amazing to be there for those in need and help bring out the best in them. Interestingly, being a helper is beneficial to you as well, so you will have a better life as well.

While your motivations are selfless, it’s always nice to know that some of that good karma comes back to you. But how can you do it? Here are 4 ways to become a better helper for a fulfilling life.

1. Be a listener

Be a good listener sounds like a simple concept on the surface. Unfortunately, it is a difficult skill that is not as easy to do as it is claimed. People often underestimate what it takes to be a listener, which is why many people are grateful to those who actually listen.

As cliche as it sounds, sometimes just being there for someone and listening to them is all you need to do to help them. These listening skills are precious and will teach you about the value of understanding, empathy, and compassion in your life. Here are some tips to help you better listen and help:

· Leave everything

When listening to someone, don’t get distracted by other things. Put down your phone, walk away from work, and give your full attention to the person who is speaking. Even if you think you are an expert at multitasking, and few people really are, you want the other person to feel heard. You can even realize, by doing this, how much better you can see the world when you are not trying to multitask with all your devices.

Practice active listening

Active listening it involves the act of fully participating in the process of listening to another person. While the first step is to give them your undivided attention, it’s about more than that. It means using open and welcoming body language and giving subtle signs of recognition. When the person has spoken, it means responding in a way that shows you understood their point and validating their feelings or developing that point while staying focused on them. Active listening is a skill, and once you practice it enough, you will find that you naturally make others feel more welcome.

Give up critical attitudes

If you want to be a good listener, leave your judgment at the door. It is not your place to think negatively of a person who trusts you, and although you are free to have your own opinions, your goal should be to understand.

The judgment forms an automatic wall between you and the speaker, preventing you from getting to the real point. People will appreciate your being open-minded and understanding, especially if they’ve had people who have been biased before. Learning not to judge will help you see more beautiful things in life, give you more understanding, make you a better helper, and help you live a fuller life.

2. Do charitable work regularly

Charity work seems like an undeniable way to help, but people often don’t realize how much more they can learn and grow through these activities. You can learn to be a better helper by helping more and more, and charities and groups are great at teaching you how to be more helpful.

As you do charity work, you will gain new skills and learn new things about other people and yourself. Your act of helping and becoming a better helper will enrich him and open his eyes to the lives of those less fortunate. It is difficult, but also satisfying and rewarding. Here are some ideas for ways to get involved in charities:

Donate used items

When was the last time that tidy? Go through your belongings and look for things you don’t use. They don’t have to be old things; They can also be just about anything you don’t like very much, like a dress you’ve only worn twice, canned food stocks that have been piling up, toys your kids never really liked, or even cleaning supplies. you don’t learn much. Not only will you be giving to those in need, but you will also keep your space clean and organized, helping you feel better and live cleaner in turn.

· Donate money

Not everyone is in a position where it is possible to donate money, but if so, doing so can help many organizations. Although it is useful to provide used items, charities often benefit much more easily from the cash they can spend on upgrading their facilities, reaching more people in need, and paying their staff. It is not only they who will benefit. Research suggests that giving money to charities can actually improve your physical well-being, mental health, and health levels. positive thinking!

Volunteer with time and effort

If you don’t have anything to donate, you can participate by donating other resources at your disposal. Effort and time are valuable resources, and most nonprofits are always eager for more volunteers. You can help clean public areas, offer your services to nursing homes and animal shelters, serve in a food bank, help nonprofits find sponsors, and more. You will be surprised how much good you can do in the world with few or no material objects to offer, and you will feel your self-esteem grow and your life become fuller when you see the power that you have.

Participate in times of need

It’s only fair if you can’t always dedicate your time to donate or volunteer because of the media. But when times of dire need arise, it’s time to step up. Being a better helper can mean knowing when putting others above yourself is the right thing to do. Natural disasters and other forms of unforeseen accidents are exactly the kind of times when you should do whatever you can to do, even a little bit, to help others. The impact of your small actions in those moments can be astronomical and the power of your compassion will surprise you.

3. Share what you know and have

The things you have built and earned throughout your life are uniquely yours. They may have been things that seem like a lot of work to earn, or they may be precious things to you. Sharing the things you have and know is an amazing way to be more than just your average helper.

It may be difficult for some people to share advice like this due to fear of competition, but learning to genuinely want the best for other people is a great way to be a better helper while building your own satisfaction in life. Here are some ways you can do this:

Offer advice

Advising others, when prompted, is a great way to share your knowledge. Your expertise in your field and interests can be beneficial to someone emerging in those same areas. If you see someone you were once in the position of, give them some advice if they ask!

Introduce someone to a contact

Are there people who have impressed you and who you would like to help rise up in the world? Many people promise to introduce so-and-so to other so-and-so, but they don’t. Pick people you genuinely believe in and stand up for them by introducing them to someone who can help them on their way.

Be a mentor

Seriously mentoring others is a big decision and a total commitment. Whatever ability you have, you can pass it on to others. If you choose to do this, the positive the results will come back to you too; Mentors often learn their due by mentoring others while recalling old lessons and reaffirming their own knowledge. Plus, it can feel great to see someone you’ve bonded with as their mentor rises.

4. Be grateful

Being thankful and gratitude towards others may seem like something that doesn’t affect much. It is actually a powerful way to help others. Yes, it sounds strange that the act of being grateful for help can be helpful in turn. But there’s not much appreciation in the world, and making sure you do what you can to change that trend is wonderful.

People do all kinds of things in their daily life. While intrinsic motivation is crucial for these people to continue to function, it is not unusual for someone to burn out from not receiving recognition for their efforts. Appreciating others reminds them that their actions are seen and valued, allowing them to continue taking those actions.

Appreciation and gratitude are not only positive for others. These traits are known to enhance your well-being. Being grateful changes the way you perceive the world and shows you all the good in it, which is a very rewarding experience. Here are some examples of how being grateful makes you a better helper:

· Say thanks.”

The easiest way to express appreciation is by verbal means. When someone does something nice for you, thank them. Or maybe when your server brings you your food, thank him. When someone opens the elevator for you, thank them. When your partner prepares dinner, thank them. Many people overlook this significant phrase because of how busy they are or how much they take their lives for granted. Don’t get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life that you forget your basic manners!

Provide honest feedback

When someone is doing well, give them feedback that you have seen their good work and are proud of them for it. This type of positive reinforcement will encourage them to continue their progress. This is especially useful when your comments include constructive criticism. Start your feedback with something positive, insert criticism in the middle, and end with a few more compliments, and you will take the good and the bad together.

Recognize them

Give credit where credit is due. If someone has contributed ideas to a project, please mention that contribution. Or, if there are awards at your workplace or in your community, nominate someone who you think deserves one. If someone has helped you on your journey, mention it when you tell your story. It is very easy to acknowledge and yet we often forget to do so.

Final thoughts on helping your loved ones lead a better life

Being a helper means being there for others, offering help, and showing people that you care. When you are a helper, you find a higher purpose in life that satisfies you, inside and out, while giving others the help they need. You will win karma and live a better life, yourself. Isn’t that a wonderful and powerful thing?


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