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2,200 Cold-Stunned Turtles Have Been Released by Volunteers Back Into the Gulf


Hundreds of turtles are now returning home to the Gulf of Mexico after suffering an ordeal during the recent winter storm in Texas.

When the now famous and strange cold front devastated the Texas power grid, a local sea turtle rescue shelter, Sea Turtle Inc, lost power and was unable to keep the water at the normally mild temperatures necessary to ensure the health of the turtles.

That would have been the first concern, but then, as reported by GNN, literally thousands of sea turtles around South Padre Island and in the Gulf were being “stunned by the cold”, a term that describes a comatose state caused by the drop in water temperature that undermines the life of cold-blooded animals .

Voluntary rescue efforts by staff, community members, beachgoers, guards, and even nearby SpaceX rocket engineers ended up bringing more than 5,000 turtles to makeshift hospitals run by Sea Turtle Inc. staff.

Sick reptiles overflowed his property and a rescue center was set up at a nearby convention center, with turtles lined up from nose to tail on tarpaulin sheets, waiting their turn in lukewarm children’s pools, the only method. recovery available. When the light ran out

PLUS: Volunteers in Texas saved thousands of sea turtles from shocking cold weather

The “overwhelming support” of community volunteers prevented a sea turtle “Armageddon,” and two days ago Sea Turtle Inc. reported that 2,200 of the rescued turtles were returned to the sea.

“We still have a lot of work to do, but we are rejuvenated with passion”, Sea Turtle Inc. staff wrote, “having seen our first released turtles swim”.

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Other video posted by BBC showed the rehabmers’ joy when they sent their first tortoise hurtling down a slide into the ocean now that record low temperatures have ceased.

(CLOCK the amazing BBC video below).

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