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New Jersey Plumber Drives 22 Hours With Equipment to Help the Overwhelmed Texans


When the devastating ice storm hit Texas last February, leaving a large number of broken water lines in its wake, homeowners found themselves scrambling to find help.

With local supplies and plumbers depleted by demand, crucial repairs seemed out of reach – until an unexpected hero came to the rescue.

Andrew Mitchell

After loading his truck with approximately $ 2,000 worth of supplies, New Jersey plumber Andrew Mitchell, along with his wife, Kisha Pinnock, the couple’s 2-year-old son, Blake, and his newly apprentice brother-in-law, Isiah Pinnock, made the move. 22-hour walk from Morristown to Houston, and I got down to business fixing things.

“Many of the people we have helped tell us that either they cannot call a plumber on the phone or, if they can, the wait for service is three to four weeks, so they can ‘I have no water at all that time, “Kisha said. the BBC.

Mitchell’s first stop was his sister-in-law’s house in Humble. Throughout the storm, Kisha and Andrew had been keeping an eye on their sister in Texas and learned from her situation how dire the circumstances really were in the Lone Star state.

Facebook posts from distressed local plumbers asking for help cemented the couple’s determination to take action. “This is your moment,” Kisha told Andrew in a conversation that she recounted in an interview with him. CBS News Program Edification. “Everyone has their time to shine. You have the skills; You have the credentials … You should go. “

After addressing her sister-in-law’s plumbing issues, word of Mitchell’s efforts soon spread. Since days began at 7 a.m. and often did not end until after 2 a.m. the next morning, Mitchell and Isiah served an average of 6 to 10 houses per day.

One of the beneficiaries of her good work was Barbara Benson, 71. After a week without water due to a broken pipe, he was on the edge of his wits.

Andrew Mitchell

He had contacted more than a dozen plumbers and was told it would be weeks before an appointment could be scheduled. To make matters worse, Benson said some plumbers quoted as much as $ 2,000 just to come up with an estimate.

Far from overstating prices, Mitchell used to charge customers only what they could afford. “I always ask a client what they think is fair, what do they have to spare,” Mitchell said. “I never try to take advantage of someone.”

Satisfied customer Benson couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome of Mitchell’s home visit. “For a woman who lives alone, she can be easily scammed and I was pleasantly surprised,” she told “It was like someone was taking care of me.”

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While Mitchell and his family originally planned to stay until plumbing supplies run out, given that the need remains so great, they are considering restocking and spending at least a little more time in Texas.

“Many times when you see devastation, it could be all over the world; It could be across the country; It could be in your own city, ”Kisha told Uplift. “You really feel like your heart is breaking with them and you can’t do anything, but in this case, we really could. I really knew that if we could only help one family, we would make a difference. “

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Doing what you love and being of service to others has proven to be an immense inspiration. “It’s really a blessing to be a blessing to other people and Andrew really enjoys the job,” Kisha told the BBC. “Plumbing is his passion.”

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