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20 Behaviors of Couples Who Avoid Arguments


It is normal to have fights and arguments when you share your life with someone. However, how do couples who rarely argue cope? How can these people live day after day without getting under the skin of others?

Many couples always fight and sometimes resort to abusive language and behaviors to unleash his rage. When you get to the heart of the problem, many times, it is just a matter of venting your anger on the one closest to you.

Behaviors of couples who rarely fight

If you want a better relation with your partner, then you can mimic the actions of those relationships that have stood the test of time. What do couples who beat divorce rates and remain best friends decades later do that is so right? Here are some of the most common habits of those with few arguments.

1. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger

An old rule of thumb for marriage is that you should Never go to bed angry. If you have a problem, at least make a pact to discuss it in the morning. Things are always better once you’ve put them to sleep, but you need to make sure things are okay before you close your eyes.

2. Don’t turn against each other

It’s easy to take your frustrations out on those closest to you. Instead of turning your back on your partner, you should run to her with your hurts and problems. Let them help you and never hurt the person who is there for you when you need it most.

3. Never keep secrets

Secrets will cause fights and ruin your relationship. Even if it is painful, you need to make sure you tell your spouse everything.

4. Don’t lie

When you start telling lies and hiding things from your spouse, you are looking for trouble. A half truth is a total lie, and it is what puts gaps between your love and provokes arguments.

5. Keep the lines of communication open

When you stop communicating, you are allowing doubts to arise. Take time to talk every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. It will help you stay connected and know what is happening in each other’s life.

6. Always make time for each other

Life is busy and there are times when you find yourself coming and going. However, fights will happen when you are not spend quality time one with the other. Outside of work and children, your spouse is of the utmost importance.

7. Let the girls / boys go out at night

It’s great to spend time together, but you also need to spend time with your friends. Don’t deny the other person time out with their friends. If you want to keep fighting to a minimum, spending time apart can help.

8. Don’t stop dating

Even if they have been together for 50 years, they should never stop dating. Make sure you have a favorite restaurant, movie theater, and places that are special to the two of you.

9. Try to get along with the in-laws

Your in-laws can be a major source of support in your life. For the sake of your relationship, you should try to get along with others. Even if your mother-in-law is the most challenging person on the planet, you should try to keep the peace.

10. Don’t live in the past

The past will destroy you if you keep digging up the bones of the past things that you have excavated. If you want to have a bright future with few arguments, you will learn to stop mentioning old sins in your present. Old, emotional baggage it will weigh you down.

11. Maintain your adventurous nature

If you only live to go to work and come home, life will be boring. Take some time for adventure, even if it’s only in the afternoon. Life is more enjoyable and there is less time for arguments when adventure is added to the mix.

12. Laugh often

Never lose the giddy childlike nature you have when you’re dating. Sure, things will change as your relationship evolves, but you need to make even the most mundane tasks fun.

13. Be financially responsible

One of the biggest problems that causes disputes in marriages is when one partner is financially responsible and the other is not. You must set a budget and try to stick to it. Discuss all major purchases so that the other agrees with your decisions.

14. Never deny each other privacy.

No matter how upset you are with each other, never deny each other intimacy. Many people have arguments and even cheat when their spouse does not take care of their needs.

15. Share household responsibilities

If both people are working, both should contribute to household chores. Things like washing clothes, dishes, cooking, and taking out the trash can be overwhelming for a person. When you share mundane household chores, responsibility is divided, so one is not overworked.

16. Keep things 50/50

When it comes to relationships, it’s about teamwork. One person cannot give 75 percent and the other only 25 percent. Each person should give 50/50 to make sure everything works.

17. Stay Best Friends

When you lose the friendship you have built, you will lose your association. Intimacy and sex are not a good foundation. However, when you are still friends and share your life, you will have fewer arguments and more amazing times together.

18. Play frequently

Touch each other it’s a powerful way to stay connected, according to research. Some touches are meant for the bedroom, but other touches should be used frequently. Never let the moment pass without holding their hand, hugging them or giving them a kiss. These small acts of affection go a long way toward keeping your union stable.

19. Celebrate special days

Many special holidays occur each year, and then there are birthdays and anniversaries. Keep these dates on the calendar and be sure to celebrate all of these days. Even though things like Valentine’s Day seem to be on the market, never forget to tell your partner how much you love them.

20. Plan fun things together

Sometimes you need to throw caution to the wind and have fun. Do you remember when you were dating and how free you felt? While you need time to be apart, you also need a lot of time together. When your memories and your life build on each other, then there is no reason to look outside of the relationship for the things you need.

What to do in an argument

There will be arguments and fights if you have been together for some time. However, what matters most is what you do during these moments. Here are some tips on how to handle an argument so that you can resolve the issue and not make things worse.

• Never resort to name calling

It’s easy to start using terms like dumb, stupid, idiot, and other words of choice when you’re mad at your partner. However, verbal abuse is never okay, no matter how angry or serious the problem is.

• Take 10

If the discussion is getting very heated, then you need ten minutes to calm down. It is always best to clear your head and calm down before saying or doing something you regret.

• Never hit or use physical violence

If someone has made you angry enough to want to hit them, then you are too angry. It would be helpful if you compose yourself before continuing to speak.

Women often think that it is not okay for a man to hit, but they can slap or hit a man and there are no consequences. Unfortunately, men do not talk about wife abuse due to stigma. Neither man nor woman should lay hands on anyone in anger.

• Stick to the facts

When tempers are on, people tend to want to bring up the dirty laundry of the past. Try to stick to the issue at hand and never bring up all the problems you have already solved.

• Be eager to forgive

Forgiveness is as good for you as it is for them. It would be helpful if you tried to forgive no matter what was done. If the situation has crossed a line, still i need to forgive. You won’t forget it, and that doesn’t mean you’ll always be together, but you will need someone to forgive you one day.

Final thoughts on couples who don’t have fights

There is no couple alive who does not disagree, but what counts is what you do with these disagreements. If you want to avoid fighting and all the drama that goes with it, then practice these 20 Things Happy Couples Do.

Marriage takes a lot of workAnd every day you must strive to be better yourself. If the foundation on which your relationship is built is healthy, then you can stand the test of time as a couple. Sure, there will be many times when you will want to walk out the door and never come back.

Fortunately, he will return because they are his safe place and he cannot live without them.


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