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16 Best Women’s Slippers to Stay Cozy and Comfy at Home

This new, do-everything-from-home life has brought a whole new meaning to re-prioritizing. Many of us have packed the brunch outfits away in storage and are now investing heavily in loungewear. Or perhaps you suddenly have a solid stash of tops that make your upper half look like you mean business over Zoom. Either way, in the world of indoor wear, comfort is key. While cozy socks are an old faithful for trips back and forth to the fridge, a good pair of house slippers will take you even farther in the land of lounging. 

Slippers may seem like an afterthought when accessorizing, but much like shoe shopping, there are a lot of details to consider that can make for a more personalized fit. Whether it’s a cloud-like pair that’s extra fluffy on the inside or one with a more sturdy bottom, there are options to suit pretty much every foot fancy. If you need help choosing, check out some of our most comfortable and practical picks. 


Morihata Sasawashi Japanese Room Shoes

Look to Morihata and Patricia Green for a traditionally-styled, soft-sole slide that you’ll want to slip into as soon as you enter the house. The Sasawashi Japanese Room Shoes are made of washi paper and kumazasa plant fibers. According to the brand, the Japanese Kumazasa fabric has twice the absorbency of cotton, which not only keeps your feet from getting too hot, but if by chance your feet do get sweaty, the linen-like fabric will quickly wick away moisture. The Patricia Green Relax Slippers are cushy on the feet and serve as a constant work-from-home reminder to relax when things get tense. 


Serena & Lily St. Helena Spa Slippers

Long gone are the days of slipping into a robe and slippers and sipping lemon water in a lounge before a glorious spa treatment. At least part of those indulgent distant memories don’t have to be, thanks to these waffle-weave slippers. The Serena & Lily St. Helena Spa Slippers have a waterproof sole and are quick-drying, so they’re ideal for wearing right out of the shower. The Uniqlo Waffle Slippers have a more padded footbed and come in three colors. 


Garnet Hill Flower Slippers

If you’re perpetually stepping outside to grab a package or Postmates order, you’ll want a pair of slippers with a heftier bottom. Being able to get them on and off quickly also helps. The Mahabis Slipper similarly feels like an outdoor shoe. The felt upper and wool lining will keep your feet warm on cold days and the sole is made for both indoor and outdoor wear. Garnet Hill’s Flower Slippers look more like a traditional indoor slide-on, but the latex grips on the bottom help prevent slipping and sliding. 

Faux-Fur & Sheepskin 

Pottery Barn Faux Fur Slippers

Madewell Quilted Scuff Slippers in Recycled Faux Fur

With their detailed embroidery and leather sole, The Original Sheepers moccasin slippers are not only stunning, but the way the 100 percent sheepskin lining hugs your feet will make you reconsider ever wearing socks indoors again. Pottery Barn’s Faux Fur Slippers are equally as cozy. The faux fur trim is a toasty touch that comes in five colors. 

Mou’s Sheepskin Mule is the perfect hybrid of all the slippers mentioned so far. The thick layer of soft sheep fur will feel like you’re walking on a cloud, while the rubber sole makes it more durable, so it doesn’t wear down easily. 

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