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15 Quotes on Depression to Give You Perspective


Depression is a difficult mental illness to explain to people. Unless someone has battled depression, they will never really understand how it feels or what it is like. These quotes about depression can give you perspective and help you understand.

Having a realistic understanding and perspective can help you or someone you love to keep fighting. Since it is a disease impossible to explain, these quotes about depression they are the best way to do it.

How you will learn from these quotes about depression, depression is different than to be sad. It makes those struggling with depression feel hopeless, empty, and alone. This feeling also doesn’t go away like sadness does, and it doesn’t get better with time.

Fifteen quotes about depression

Understanding depression is important, especially if you or a loved one struggles. Remember these quotes about depression to give yourself perspective.

1. “I wanted to write exactly what I felt, but somehow the paper became empty and I couldn’t have described it better.” – Unknown

Depression leaves those who struggle with it feeling empty inside. It can be difficult to describe feelings because they are so uncertain.

A person struggling with depression. also struggles to identify what is going on in your heart and mind. Remember to give them a little grace if they can’t explain what’s wrong or tell you why they are depressed.

2. “You may feel so exhausted and overwhelmed by everything in life that you constantly describe yourself as ‘tired’. Not even resting or sleeping can help you solve this feeling. “- Unknown

Being depressed causes a constant feeling of exhaustion. No matter how long a depressed person sleeps, they are likely to always feel tired.

This is because life becomes overwhelming for them and they use all their energy on little things. Plus, depression can cause insomnia, making a depressed person feel tired all the time.

3. “Depression makes you isolated. It is very difficult to think of other people when you are wrapped in a thorny cloak of sadness, and you can only think of your own pain. “- Unknown

Depression is all-consuming and can cause someone to disregard the feelings of others. Because depression causes someone to become agitated, depressed, and isolated, it can damage your relationships.

Keep this in mind if you know someone who struggles with depression and is still there for them, even if they don’t seem to think about you. It’s not because they don’t love you or don’t care about you. Instead, it’s just that your depression has completely consumed your thoughts and feelings.

4. “Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be happy with myself. I’m worried that if I can’t be happy with myself, no one will be happy with me. “- Unknown

With depression comes self-talk and negative thoughts, which makes the person unhappy with who they are. These thoughts and feelings lead to the assumption that no one is happy with them and never will be.

5. “Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more difficult to bear. The frequent attempt to hide mental pain increases the burden. It’s easier to say ‘My tooth hurts’ than to say ‘My heart is broken.’ CS Lewis

While you cannot see mental pain the way you view physical pain, it is still excruciating. Hiding the pain only makes it worse, but that’s what happens to most people who struggle with depression. Since everyone can relate to physical pain, it is easier to express that kind of pain.

6. “The absence of hope. That very muffled feeling, which is very different from feeling sad. Sadness hurts, but it is a healthy feeling. It is something necessary to feel. Depression is very different. “- JK Rowling

Depression takes away hope for the future. It makes those struggling with depression feel empty, which is different than feeling sad. Feeling sad is a natural and healthy feeling, but depression goes much further.

Depression interferes with a person’s life and causes them to isolate themselves and give up on their future. They won’t see anything to look forward to or things will ever get better. Sadness causes pain, but it does not cause this extreme loss of hope.

7. “Nobody realizes how strong a person with depression has to be to do everyday things like shower, brush hair or get out of bed.” – Unknown

Many people with depression may not have the motivation to Beware themselves. They will think it doesn’t make sense or that they are too tired to do it. If getting out of bed, taking a shower, and doing your hair is all they did, it could be a bigger accomplishment than you think.

8. “A swallow does not make a summer, nor a good day; in the same way, a day or a short period of happiness does not make a person completely happy. “- Aristotle

Just because someone has a good or happy day every now and then doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling. You may see someone smiling or laughing, but inside you are struggling with depression. Don’t assume someone has improved just because they are having a good day.

9. “You look happy, but you don’t feel happy. That’s what depression does to you. “- Unknown

Those who struggle with depression tend to hide their struggle. They get good at looking happy and good as they go about their daily routine, but inside they feel empty. So seeing someone look happy doesn’t necessarily mean they’re really happy.

10. “There are wounds that never show up on the body that are deeper and more painful than anything that bleeds.” – Laurell K. Hamilton

Although you cannot see the pain, people with depression are suffering more than you think. This feeling runs deep for them, and there seems to be nothing that can make them feel better.

11. “When depression takes over and I can’t get over it, I have to close the door and leave the world out. It’s the only way I know how to survive. “- Unknown

Depression often isolates those who struggle against it. When things get too much for them, they withdraw from others and spend their time alone. It is not personal. It is simply the way they handle overwhelming depression.

12. “If you know someone who is depressed, resolve never to ask why. Depression is not a simple answer to a bad situation; depression just is, like the weather. “- Stephen Fry

Asking someone why they are depressed will not give you an answer. If they could tell you why they could cure mental illness. Also, it is not as simple as figuring out why something is happening.

13. “When you suffer from depression, ‘I am tired’ means a permanent state of exhaustion that sleep does not solve.” – Unknown

As many of these quotes about depression explain, depression causes burnout. Even if the person struggling with depression takes naps or sleeps through the night, they may still be tired. It is not that they are lazy, but that they are depressed and life becomes too much.

14. “When you are surrounded by all these people, it can be more lonely than when you are alone. You can be in a big crowd, but if you feel like you can’t trust anyone or talk to anyone, you feel like you’re really alone. “- Fiona Apple

Depression can make someone seem lonely, even when people are around them. Worse still, the more people there are, the more alone they will feel. This feeling is because depression can make them think that they cannot trust or count on anyone, which always makes them feel isolated.

15. “That’s the thing with depression: a human being can survive just about anything, as long as he sees the end in sight. But the depression is so insidious, and it worsens daily, that it is impossible to see the end. “- Elizabeth Wurtzel

Depression makes pain and suffering seem like there is no end. It will seem that things will always go wrong and that there is no hope for the future.

Final Thoughts on Dating Depression to Give You Perspective

Depression is difficult to handle, but it is even more difficult to understand. Those who don’t fight depression may not really know what it is like, but these quotes about depression can give you perspective. It is not something that people choose or can control. Instead, it is simply something that happens.

No matter the reason, depression makes people feel alone, empty, and hopeless. It can be debilitating and interfere with relationships, jobs, and even getting ready for the day. Remember these quotes about depression to give you perspective on the illness.


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