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15 Best Jobs for Someone With Social Anxiety Disorder


Do you suffer from a social anxiety disorder?

According to Mental Health AmericaThere are more than 15 million people who struggle with this mental health condition. Anxiety disorders come in all shapes and sizes.

Social anxiety it is difficult to maneuver in the workplace. Your fear increases when you are around other people, especially when you fear an impending panic attack. Many people turn to disability to make ends meet, but it is not always easy to get assistance with mental health claims.

If you want to be in the world of work, you must learn to manage your social anxiety disorder. Learn what triggers it and what to avoid.

The best jobs for anxiety

Just because you have a disability does not mean that you cannot have a job. Your disability may be invisible to everyone around you, but you can feel the pains whenever your anxiety rears its ugly head. Here are some jobs you can do to generate income at home.

1. Blogs

To be an influential blogger, you must have a niche. Do you enjoy writing about cooking, weight loss, parenting, or your social anxiety disorder? While blogging doesn’t make you start to earn thousands, it certainly can be built over time.

Bloggers can develop a large following due to the number of people who are online looking for self-help. If you have a topic that interests you and about which you are informed, you can have fun and earn money.

2. Stay-at-home parent

While it may not be a source of income, being a stay-at-home parent can certainly save you money. Have you seen the price of daycare these days? It was once thought that women could only play this role; however, men show that they can be just as good at parenting as women.

Many people find that once they have to pay for daycare, there is little reason for one of the parties to work. This is especially true if you have more than one child. Also, you can be there for the first steps and ensure their health and safety.

3. Accounting

Accounting is a numbers game and accountants have little interaction with people. If you like minimal customer contact and playing with numbers, then an accounting job may be perfect for you.

Those interested in this line of work should brush up on frequently used accounting programs such as QuickBooks and Excel. You should also know that accountants can earn a lot of cash. According to US News & World Reports, a professional accountant can earn a median salary of more than $ 70,000 a year.

4. Computer programmer

Computer programmers make a lot of money and it’s one of the fastest growing jobs. According to Diversity Q, is one of the fastest growing jobs among women. The great thing about being a computer technician is that you can work from anywhere and there are always great jobs to choose from these days.

5. Vet Tech

Did you know that animals are very calming for people with anxiety? According to the American Anxiety and Depression Association, 74 percent of people with anxiety improve when they have a pet. There have been many studies in which pets help calm people and even lower their blood pressure.

Can you think of a perfect job for someone uptight and anxious? You could help pets of all kinds, and you can help yourself at the same time. Veterinary techs don’t require college in most cases and you can work close to home. Any animal shelter, rescue, pet store, or veterinary center uses technology.

6. Maid

If you have social anxiety disorder, then what you like is being a housekeeper. Did you know many times obsessive compulsive disorder run along with other anxiety-based conditions? If you love cleaning, why not use your skills to earn money?

If you don’t like being around other people, you can choose a cleaning job where you work alone or with a partner. Maids can earn quite a bit of money, especially if you get a job at a hospital or other larger institution.

7. Writer

Do you have a book inside you waiting for it to be born? You could be a writer that is self-published or uses an editor. There is nothing to stop you once you have the first book under your belt. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction readings, you can entertain the masses without leaving your home.

8. Factory work

One thing that bothers a lot of people is being in large crowds. Unpredictability can drive your anxiety crazy. Work in the factory will be repetitive, so your anxiety may not increase as you know what is coming and what to expect. Some factories are a bit more discreet than others. Factory work pays well and offers a wide variety of options for you to consider.

9. Psychologist

Did you know that many psychologists or counselors often have mental health problems within themselves or their families? Many of these professionals use their family history as a reason to try to help others.

If you can work one-on-one with people, then counseling may be for you. Thanks to online education, you can now earn a degree from the comfort of your home.

10. Special Needs Teacher

Teachers are always in high demand, especially those dealing with special needs. Since you understand the horrors of anxiety, you can use your gifs to help others. Did you know that the government offers many incentives for you to earn a degree in special education?

According to the US Department of Education, teachers can get up to $ 17,500 of student loan forgiveness by selecting a specialty field.

11. Dog walker / trainer

Well, unless you live in New York City or Los Angeles, you’re probably not going to make a lot of money as a dog walker. However, since you already know that dogs can help you manage your anxiety, this could be a great job for you. If you want to get out of the house and mingle with a man’s best friend, try dog ​​walking.

12. Truck driver

Do you love to drive? There is nothing better than a road trip to make you feel good. You can blast your music, talk on your cell phone, and go all over the country. Truck drivers are an integral part of society and you can make a lot of money.

Did you know that the average truck driver makes more than $ 60,000 a year? According to IndeedIt’s a great career with good benefits and lots of money. Truckers can see many new states and don’t have to worry about being in large crowds either.

13. Artist

Many people fight their social anxiety disorder with art. Do you have a talent with a specific style of painting that you think could make money? Many cities have hungry artist sales, or you can even sell your work online. It takes some time to get started and build a clientele, but who knows you could be the next Picasso?

14. Security guard

Being a security guard is a pretty low-key job. However, according to Salary, an armed security guard can make between $ 30,000 and $ 37,000, just depending on where you live. Unarmed guards can earn slightly less.

Security guards do not usually have to deal with many people and do not need extensive training. There are tons of security jobs in every city in this country, so finding work is easy.

15. Stocker overnight

If your social anxiety disorder overcomes you, you may prefer to work nights. A night storekeeper generally only has to deal with other workers on shift with them. The crowds are generally much smaller at night, and you can earn a decent living.

According to Zip recruiter, most brokerage professionals make about $ 13 an hour. If you find a full-time job at a large company, you can also get insurance and benefits. The only requirement for this race is that you can bend and lift more than 50 pounds. Of course, each job will have details.

Final thoughts on work and social anxiety disorder

Don’t think you can’t live a full life and have a good job because you have social anxiety disorder. It would be helpful if you knew your comfort level and what you can tolerate when working in public.

If you feel that your anxiety is severe enough, you can always choose a job that allows you to work from home. If you have social anxiety disorder with agoraphobia, staying home may be a better option. Going out for even a few hours a week can be therapeutic, if possible.

Staying behind four walls all day could make your general anxiety worse. Fortunately, some programs can help people like you get a great job and work within your limitations.


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